Better Clients, More Profits, Fewer Hours

Exclusively for CPAs, Accountants And Bookkeepers Who Want To Confidently Offer Business Advisory & CFO Services

We help our clients differentiate their service offering in the marketplace, charge their worth and dramatically increase revenue and margins.

Many of our clients generate £100k of new revenue within 90 days of working together and have a strong pipeline of leads wanting to work with them. 

Are you like most practice owners?


Are you struggling to articulate your value?


Do many of your clients drain your energy and question you on price?


Are you showing up on social media but still not getting sales calls in the diary?


Are you wanting to offer coaching or consulting but don’t know how to get the clients?


Do you take on more clients to make more money but end up working even more hours?


Do you want to shift to advisory but have no idea how to do it?

Practice owners suffer from being overworked and underpaid because:


No one taught you how to get clients


You give away the valuable advice for free rather than packaging up your expertise and selling it at a premium


You are pricing by the hour or a flat fee and these services are priced way too low


You rely on getting referrals which means you are not onboarding ideal clients, just any clients


You are invisible online and don’t get your ideal clients reaching out to you, instead they are going to your competitors


We help our clients 2.5x their prices, create a transformational offer that has clients begging to work with them, reducing sales friction and dramatically catapulting revenue and margins.

Many of our clients generate £100k of new revenue within 90 days of working together and  increase their reputation and impact.


Accounting firms who want better clients and more income. Typical clients:


Want to offer advisory/coaching/consulting


Want to sell a high value offer


Want to do marketing to attract better clients


World Class, Evidence Based Business Consulting Designed To Help You Package Your Services, Build A Marketing Engine And Fill Your Sales Pipeline

Bottle Your Brilliance with Amanda C. Watts

Show up every day on social media, get more enquires, get more clients and build the reputation of your advisory/outsourced CFO offering.

Get everything you need in The Vault to show up every day on social media with valuable content that positions you as the professional advisor that you are.

Be more visible, make more sales in less than 30 minutes a week.

Bottle Your Brilliance VIP 1:1 with Amanda C. Watts

For accounting firms who want to market and sell advisory services.

Bottle Your Brilliance is a 6-month VIP program. You work with Amanda and her team to create unique models and frameworks that differentiate your firm’s offering and build a marketing engine that makes sales effortless.

If you want higher revenue and fewer clients then this program is for you

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We are on a mission to uplevel the profession world wide.  We have helped over 2000 practice owners across the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more to build a practice that gives them more money, more time and more freedom.