The final instalment for the 100 ways to market your accounting firm is here! How many of the 100 ways do you currently actively and purposely carry out?

Here are the final 10 ways to change your practice forever, and delight and surprise your prospects and clients so you are remembered and referred.

91.   Send Thank You Cards:

Value your existing clients and send thank you cards whenever you’ve completed a set of accounts. It adds that personal touch and will surprise and delight.

92.   Add An ‘About’ Page To Your Website:

It might seem an obvious point, but out of 10 accounting websites, less than half will have a decent ‘about’ page. The ‘about’ page needs pictures, details of your expertise and also your personality to shine through. Have a look at the ‘about’ page of The Wow Company, it’s quirky enough to make you smile, and want to give them a call to see what they are all about.

93.    Surprise & Delight:

Nothing beats referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations, so keep your existing clients extremely happy by offering superb customer service. Work that extra bit harder and you’ll reap the rewards long-term. The way to do this is to nurture your existing clients, and not forget about them once they have signed up.

94.    Go To Traditional Networking Events:

Not all networking events are stuffy, irrelevant and boring. There are many out there that could really benefit your business. You just need to find the right ones. Go online, ask around and book yourself in to as many networking events as possible. Go armed with business cards, a warm smile and no expectations.

95. Give Your Expertise Away:

You’ve been running your own firm for some time now and you’ll have learnt plenty along the way. You might not know it, but your experience is incredibly valuable to others. Share your trade secrets by publishing articles on your website about business growth. Don’t be afraid to tell people how you’ll help their business. A business will really want to work with an accountant that understands business growth as well as the commoditised accounts work.

96.    Enter Awards:

Put your practice forward for awards whenever you can. Winning awards is great free publicity for your business and you can show off your trophies on your own website. It adds further credibility. Also by entering awards you will be able to leverage publicity in local magazines and newspapers, and have something to share on social media that will help position your firm as the go-to practice.

97. Get Your Answerphone Right:

Outside office hours, make sure your firm has an answering machine. And, more importantly, make sure your answerphone message really nurtures the prospect and helps them. Replace ‘we’re not here’ with something more helpful or interesting, like: ‘we’re not available but please go to the website to submit an enquiry and we will be in touch within 24 hours during the working week, or first thing Monday morning”. Encourage the caller to contact you via other means, as well as leave a message. When they enquire through your website you can have a thank you message going out, and start the “nurture” process and provide excellent customer service, before you have even spoken to them.

98. Give And Thou Shall Receive:

Make friends with the competition and local suppliers, then recommend them to clients. If you give, you’ll quite possibly get something in return. Because what goes around, comes around. And there’s always plenty of work to go around. If you are a Niche practice then this is even more relevant. By working with other firms you ensure that you each get your ideal clients, and also give the best service to the client.

99. Create An Interesting 404 Page:

404 Pages are those web pages that tell your web visitors that the ‘page they were looking for can not be found’. Make your own 404 Page interesting, and then you won’t frustrate your website visitor. Remember although you are an “Accountant” you are in the business of relationships, so at every point it’s about nurturing these relationships. Here is ours as an example //

100. Do Something For Charity:

Get involved with a local charity and raise money for them. Do something unusual that might attract the attention of the local media. Shout about your achievements via your social media accounts and website. People will not only hear about your fantastic efforts and potentially want to hire you – you’ll also be giving back to the community.

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