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Following on from the previous 10 tips which were:

  1. Create a product/service that is suitable for your clients, not one that you want to deliver.
  2. Don’t sell to everyone.
  3. Know what factors influence your clients hiring decisions.
  4. Have a clear marketing message.
  5. Find under-served niches.
  6. Get known in your niche.
  7. Know your competition.
  8. Be specific about your USP.
  9. Ask for referrals.
  10. Use speaking to reach a bigger audience.

Here Are Tips 11- 20.

11) Have A Signature Talk.

Once you have decided you want to go out and get speaking opportunities, create a signature talk around your key area of expertise and the pains your clients have that you can assist them with. For example, if you are an accountant that specialises in helping restaurants, you could create a talk named “3 Key Ways To Make More Profit In Your Restaurant”.

12) Capture Attendee Names For Your Database.

If the conference organiser won’t release a list of attendees then you need to think about how you can get the names of attendees so you can continue to build a relationship with them. Have a hand-out, or a guide that you can offer, and email it to them after the event. You can use wording like “ If you would like a copy of this free report hand me your business card, I’ll email you a free copy as soon as I get back into the office.” The more enticing your report, the more business cards you will get.

13) Become A DYNAMIC Networker.

Besides referrals, decision makers tend to choose accountants they are aware of. This means you need to raise your profile to become known by as many decision makers in your market as possible. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do this is through networking. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. Use a networking event to get to know people and help them. Your networking will become successful when you start looking at it as a way to help others. Click here for “Business networking strategy For Accountants”.

14) Rehearse Your Elevator Pitch.

Your elevator pitch is one sentence that clearly describes what you do, and whom you help. An example from one of my clients is: ”My name is Marcin. I am an accountant. I specialise in working with restaurants and help them to get more profit by understanding and knowing their numbers.”

15) Decide on your goals for your networking event.

99% of networkers turn up, eat breakfast and then go back to the office after telling a few people what they do. Why not approach networking differently. If you approach a networking event with a plan then you are more likely to benefit from going. An example of a different approach would be to go in looking for speaking opportunities, rather than just 1 client at a time. If you can secure a speaking opportunity that will get you in front of 20 prospects, then that makes the networking event worthwhile.

16) Check Your Business Card Before A Networking Event.

It may seem like a simple step but does your business card accurately represent what you do and whom you help? People might not remember you, but your card may be enough to get them to phone you. Print on the back of your cards, and have a tag line so people understand what your practice does, as well as who you are.

17) Arrive Early To All Networking Events That You Attend.

The fewer number of people to talk to, the better quality the conversations you will have, as people will be less distracted. As an accountant the attendees will have already formed an opinion of you before you walk in the room. You need to show them that you are a different kind of accountant, progressive thinking and there to be a trusted advisor.

18) Keep Detailed Notes On Who You Meet.

When you return to the office, be sure to write out information on a piece of paper and staple their card to it. If you are a regular at a certain networking events (BNI or 4Networking for example) this will help you remember key points about others in the room and build an on-going relationship.

19) Follow Up After The Event.

There will be some people in the room that you should build deeper relationships with. After each event pick 3-5 people and send an email and connect further with them. Your networth = your network. But you have to work your network!

20) Write Sales Letters.

These can be in the form of email, and also direct mail. Whilst the trend is to put all your eggs into digital marketing, it is also noisy and you are competing with many others. Open rates of emails are down, and social media is busy! If you want to stand out from the crowd invest in direct mail marketing, to compliment your digital marketing. If you have taken my advice re: niching this will be a doddle as you will know who to target, where to find them, what to say to them, and what to offer.


As we go through the 100 ways to market your firm make sure you tick off the ones you do, and work on the points that you are not currently implementing. You now have 20 ways to market your accounting practice. Click here for the first 10.

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