This is the 5th article in a series of 10 that I am writing, 100 Ways To Market Your Accounting Firm.

In tips 41-50 we will be advising you on how to use social media marketing. Social media marketing is the process of building awareness about you as a trusted advisor, and the services that you provide. We build this awareness through the various social media channels.

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The ultimate goals of any social media marketing campaign is to drive traffic to a website, increase the visibility of your services, gain more social media followers and find more ideal clients.

The most popular social media networks today are: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Linkedin.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

Social media marketing is important because it enables your firm to:

  • Spread the word about what you offer without you having to leave the office.
  • Build on and grow relationships with existing clients.
  • Influence others about your insights and thoughts on the industry.
  • Deepen relationships that you have initially built offline whilst networking.
  • Be recommended and referred easily when someone asks online “Do you know a good accountant?”.

So as an accountant, how can you take advantage of using social media? Let’s dive into tips 41-50.


41) Decide Which Social Media Platforms You Wish To Be On.

If you are new to social media then just pick one or two. And make sure that these one or two social media platforms are where your ideal client hangs out.

42) Optimise Your Social Media Profiles.

Once you decide on the tools you will use to promote your accounting firm, then you need to follow the general rules that apply to all the sites:

  • Use a real photo that shows your face. Social media is about connecting people human to human; so no pictures of animals, cartoons or holiday locations allowed.
  • Write an excellent description about you and your company. When we work with accountants the first thing we do is get them to craft a powerful pitch. This pitch will be the foundation of your marketing, and will make your marketing easy. For you to create your own pitch you will need to explain who you are, what you do, the problems you help overcome and your unique solution. The clarity that comes from creating your pitch will enable you to feel confident with your marketing.
  • Include a link to your website. It may seem so simple, but it is often overlooked. Make sure you ask people to visit your website, as this is the hub of all your marketing activities.

43) Connect Your Website And Blog To Your Social Media Platforms.

After you have created the platforms the next step is to connect your blog to them, so that your articles can be easily distributed.

44) Add Social Media Share Buttons To Your Website.

You will be writing blogs that are informative and help people, and these blogs will need to be shared by your readers. By having social media share buttons on your website, your readers can share your blogs with a click of a button to their social media friends/followers.

45) Twitter – Tweet Daily.

If you are not consistently sharing content on your twitter your followers will lose interest.

46) Use Hashtags.

Use hashtags to get noticed by those who are searching for you. #businesstips #accountant

47) Schedule Your Social Media Updates.

Use a platform like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your updates so that you don’t have to spend hours every day on the social media platforms.

48) Repurpose Old Articles.

One of the things I see businesses overlooking is the repurposing of old content. Many just write an artile, post it and then forget about it. First create evergreen material, then have a system in place for repurposing old articles, and continue to use them to drive people to your website.

49) Don’t Sell.

If you ask people to buy from you all the time then they will zone out and not be interested in what you have to say. Provide insights and useful articles and updates that encourage sharing and connecting.

50) Have A Strategy.

Don’t be one of those practices that throws mud out into the social media platforms and hopes that it will stick. The online world is a noisy place, so you need to cut through the noise with quality content. Having a strategy in place will stop you from getting side-lined, and enable you to have the biggest impact possible.

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