Over the past few weeks we have been sharing the first 50 ways to get more leads and market your accounting firm. The next few tips are all about maximising the impact of your Home Page on your website, so that you can capture more ideal leads and convert them to clients.


51. Home Page Video.

Cisco have predicted that by 2019, 80% of the worlds Internet traffic will be video. As an accountant this has probably not been a priority for you, in fact you may still be getting your head around having a modern website designed. If you really want to be a Progressive Digital Accountant then you need to be thinking like a modern business, not a traditional firm. Video is a great step towards this.


52. Website Pop Up’s.

Love them or hate them, they work. An average of 20% uplift in leads is seen when using a pop-up on your website that entices prospects to download a valuable piece of content from you. To make a pop-up more effective make sure that what you offer is of huge value to your prospect, and knowing your ideal niche and their pains is key for this.

53. Keep It Short And Simple.

You may understand your industry, but your ideal client possibly doesn’t. Nor do they really want to. As the accountant you provide a service that is often a need rather than a want. Which is why you end up competing on price. If you can succinctly explain your ideal clients problem better than they can articulate it themselves they will trust you, and come to you for advice, as well as the traditional commoditised service. Make sure that the wording on your website is all about them, and is short and simple to understand.

54. The Compelling “Call To Action”.

Creating a call to action is essential to get people to sign up to your newsletter, pick up the phone to call you, or to apply for a meeting with you. But all too often the accountants website forgets to invite website visitors to take the next step. Make sure that your website has a compelling call to action a couple of times on your home page, and one every other page as well. If you write a blog (which I hope you do) make sure you finish it with a compelling call to action, inviting a reader of your blog to take the next step with you.

55. Keep It Above The Fold.

The important information for your ideal prospect needs to be above the fold (what you first see on your screen when you land on a website). The info needs to be your value proposition and clearly state how you help them. One of my favourite lines that I put together with an accounting client who specialises in Restaurants is this:

“If you think it’s about getting more customers through the door you are missing the point. It’s about maximising your profits from the business you already have.”

This value proposition appeals to restaurants as it speaks to their pains, and also what they really want – more profits.


Generating Leads From Email Marketing

56. Keep It Above The Fold.

Yes the same tip but for a different part of your marketing. Your email marketing needs to be well thought out. Hopefully you will be emailing your database at least monthly, if not bi-weekly or even weekly. When you do this make sure that you have the main call to action above the fold. If you do not do this as many as 70% of those who open your emails will not see it. Do not leave your call to action until the end of your email as it will get missed.

57. Don’t Be Technical.

You are a technician, and you will naturally be drawn to write your emails in a way that you understand. As the technician you need to keep in mind that the average age you need to write for is 7 years old. So all of your copywriting needs to be written so a 7 year old can understand it. This means your website wording, blogs, newsletters, emails…. the works. There is no exception to this rule.

58. Systemise Your Email Marketing.

Using a platform like MailChimp will enable you to set up your email marketing once, and then almost forget about it. When someone signs up to your “list” having Auto Responders set-up and scheduled will mean that the first few emails that your new subscriber will get from you can be automatically sent, and you can start to build a strong relationship with them. This is something we do at Boost when we work with our clients. “Set & Forget” email auto-responders will enable a flow of leads to steadily come to you, so you can convert them into prospects.

59. Keep It Short And Simple.

Yes this is the same tip title as number 53, except that we are talking about your newsletters now, not your website. People are busy, and they do not want reams and reams of pages to read. When you send your newsletters out keep them short, to the point, full of value, and no fluff.

60. Be Consistent.

A database gathering dust is no good to anyone. By attracting people to your website, getting them to download your high value gift, and then emailing them, you will stay front of mind. If you are not consistent and email your database infrequently you will break the trust code, be forgotten and not referred. Remember your aim of all your marketing is to have a strong strategy, attract ideal prospects, convert them elegantly into clients and delight them with your service. Consistency is key to achieve this.

As we go through the 100 ways to market your firm make sure you tick off the ones you already do, and work on the points that you are not currently implementing. You now have 30 ways to market your accounting practice.

100 Ways To Market Your Accounting Firm | TwentyTwo Agency

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