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Education Based Marketing For Lead Generation


Ninety seven percent of the people who visit your website will leave without taking any action. Most of those who land on your website are not ready to buy from you yet. They are simply looking for information. Unfortunately if they leave they are likely to never return.

But what if there was a way that you could capture the interest of the voyeurs, so much so that they gave their name and contact details to you because they wanted to hear more from you?

Education based marketing is the way. At Boost we call it Authority Marketing. We deliver information to your prospective clients and show that you know what you are talking about.

But why would we bother? It takes time and doesn’t get immediate results. One blog does not turn on a flood of new clients…

Which is why we call it Authority Marketing. You need to show that you are the authority, which takes time. You need to build the know, like, trust factor. Once they know that your website and LinkedIn are the go-to places to get information they will come back to you time and time again for information. This will then ensure that you are front of mind.

There is another reason too. You educate your prospects before they become clients. And an educated client is the best ideal client you can have. Research has shown that an educated prospect is 29 times more likely to buy from you than from an advert.

Done well, your education based marketing will build trust, loyalty and credibility which will result in increased customer retention, recommendations and referrals.

Use the following ways to position yourself as the authoritative trusted advisor:

61. Focus On Delivering High Quality Content.

It is not just about sharing what you have read in accounting web, or the latest news on the budget. Your ideal client wants useful information they can apply to their life/business that will make them come back for more.

62. Your Content Is Part Of Your Sales Team.

Your content does the work of your sales person if you write for your ideal client and speak about their pains. The Marketing For Accountants blogs that I write (like this one) provide useful information and keeps accounting firms coming back to my LinkedIn and website time and time again.

63. Before You Start Writing, Truly Know Who Your Ideal Clients Are.

Your educational marketing material needs to hit their hot buttons. You need to know:

  • What your prospects are looking for
  • How they make buying decisions
  • What information and learning opportunities you can provide them

64. Know What Your Competitors Are Up To.

Marketing your accounting firm should be highly effective. The industry is only just starting to understand the power of modern marketing, and progressive digital accountants are seeing that recommendations are not the only way to have the success they are wanting. To understand what your competitors are up to have a look at how they are positioning themselves in the market. What is their brand like? Who is their target market? Are they employing an education based marketing strategy? If so, what is their strategy? How can you differentiate yourself from them?

65.  Write A Book Or Information Guide.

Writing a book or information guide is a great way to establish yourself and be credible. Imagine if you wanted to specialise in accounting for tech start-ups and you wrote a guide on “100 Tips For Starting Your Tech Business”. All wannabe tech businesses will download this guide. How can you create something like this for your prospects?

66. You Don’t Have To Be A Great Writer To Produce Great Content.

Your skills and talents are valuable, and your insights are priceless. If what you share is helpful, people will read it. You don’t have to create masterpieces.

67. Writing A Book Solely As A Marketing Tool.

If you decide to write a book, be aware that the book will not make you money, but as a marketing tool it will get you clients. Understanding how to get it in front of prospects is key. You need to have the right distribution channels.

68. You Don’t Have To Be The Font Of All Knowledge.

I speak to my clients about the 3% rule. You only need to know 3% more than the person who is reading your information. If you can give them a 3% uplift in education your content marketing has done its work. And your expertise and studying will easily give you the 3%.

69. Give It All Away, The Lot!

The more information you give away in your book, articles, blogs and manuscripts, they more trust, loyalty and respect you will earn from your prospects. If they love your material they will more likely rave about you, recommend you and share your content. As you know, the best advert for your business is a happy client.

70. Hire Someone To Write For You.

You can pay someone to ghost write your book or articles. They will turn your ideas, knowledge and thoughts into a cohesive format ready to go to print or upload to your website and social media. When you publish the book/articles your name will be as the author. If you need this support you will be surprised at how easily that can be achieved.

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