We are on the home stretch now with the 100 ways to market your accounting firm. This article covers the next 10 ways (71-80). In the previous article, we wrote about writing a book, we continue the theme of education based marketing below. Remember the aim of educational based marketing is to use it as an incentive to ATTRACT clients.

71. Write articles.

Writing articles and getting them published on other people’s websites is a great way to get people to link back to your website. By guest article writing you are also seen as an expert, as you are being showcased by another business/person. Remember for you to be seen as a well-respected trusted advisor your articles have to address some of the challenges that your prospective clients face, and provide the information that they want.

72. Repurpose Your Articles.

You can turn your articles into a press release, and send it to local newspapers, radio stations and magazines. If you already have articles in the local papers, send to the national papers to get published, always push yourself, and your authority building.

73. Consider The Editors Point Of View.

If you want to get your article published in a print magazine, make sure it conforms to the publications requirements (length, tone, style).

74. Make Sure Every Article You Write Contains 3 Essential Elements:

  • A headline: that grabs your prospects attention
  • Valuable content: that educates, informs and is valuable to your prospect
  • A call to action: that gives readers a compelling reason to click a link at the end of the article

75. Write “Problem/Solution” Articles.

People are mainly searching for solutions to problems. The biggest mistake I see accountants make when writing articles is that they are technical and about the specifics of accounting practices.

People are searching online for solutions to their problems, and these are the things you need to address.

For example: “Should I register to be a Limited company as soon as I start my business?” Is a great question that you could answer IF your ideal client is a start-up business.

Another example is “Should I be VAT registered?”. If you use problem/solution articles people will want to read them as they overcome a pain.

76. Write “Right And Wrong” Articles.

If you were told that there was a right way and a wrong way to do something, you would want to know which way you were doing it, and whether you were doing it right or wrong, yes? Well, so do your prospects. This is the best way to let people know in a nice way that they are doing it wrong. For example, I would write an article titled: “7 Mistakes Accountants Make When Outsourcing Their Marketing Activities”. You could write “7 Mistakes (insert your niche) Make When Choosing An Accountant”.

77. Write “How To” Articles.

Personally, I find this the easiest kind of article to write. This series of 100 Ways To Market Your Accounting Firm is a “How To” series. “How To” articles are often information that is stored in your brain and your expertise. They are easy for your prospect to consume because you can break a process down into simple steps. For example, “5 Steps To Stay On Top Of Your Quarterly VAT Returns”.

78. Use Keywords In Your Headings.

To ensure your article gets indexed by search engines you will need to use keywords in your headings. This is why “Problem/Solution” and “How To” articles are perfect, because the keywords are in the headings. However, you do need to ensure that you do not jam pack your heading with keywords, and keep readability in mind. It must make sense at all times.

79. Write Special Reports.

Once you know the questions that your ideal client asks, write special reports that address those questions. A special report is a great way to deliver information, whilst positioning you as a go-to authority. They are inexpensive to create, and can be a valuable lead magnet that you have on your website, or document you can hand out when you are networking/running events.

80. (a) Write Your Special Report In A Journalistic Style.

(Not as a fiction writer). Focus on one topic and provide valuable information. Keep them short and on point. The purpose of your report is to provide information that your prospect/client cannot get anywhere else. This will reinforce your value and integrity.

(b) A bonus point – Always Put A Price On The Cover Of Your Free Reports.

Even though you give them away for free, people will value them more and are more likely to act on the information if there is a value price associated with it.

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