My son is currently looking for a part-time job. He is 16 and wants money.

The high street has 140 shops. This is how he approached the task:

  1. Created a strong CV outlining his experience (PITCH)
  2. Gathered referrers if needed (TESTIMONIALS)
  3. Dressed smart but not overdressed (BRAND)
  4. Visited every shop (bar a few hairdressers, not appealing to him) on foot and asked to speak to the person in charge. (COLD CALLING)
  5. Left CV with those who were not available. (BRAND ASSET)
  6. Followed up two days later with those he didn’t get to speak with. (FOLLOW UP)
  7. 2 trials booked (DEMO BOOKED)
  8. Followed up with those who haven’t responded (FOLLOW UP)
  9. 2 trails done (DEMO EXPERIENCED)
  10. Follow up with two trials (FOLLOW UP)
  11. Another visit planned in 24 hours (MORE FOLLOW UP)
  12. Revisit every shop that didn’t say no or whom he has had trials with. (EVEN MORE FOLLOW UP)

This is the exact approach that accounting firms could take to get clients. But so few do. 8 follow-ups is often seen as just too much work. The follow up differentiates the successful from unsuccessful.