For years I overcomplicated things in my business. This was making my life difficult and I started to ask myself the question – How can I simplify things so I can multiply my life?

Last week I had a full day strategy session with a client of mine. When he came to me he was overwhelmed with all the marketing he had to do, didn’t have one ideal client that he focused on speaking to, and he was frustrated.

Our work together changed all of this for him. His business was too complex, and he thought the answer was more complexity.

But the secret to growing it wasn’t more, but less.

You are no different from him.

There are 3 things you need to simplify, so you can multiply your accounting firm:

Your schedule: Know the things you must do (and it probably isn’t what you are doing right now) and delegate the rest. Do the stuff you are good at and love, but get out of the day to day commoditised work.

Your services: Less is more. If you are focusing on compliance work and dabbling in advisory services you will do neither well. You have to make a strong choice – and you have three options: Compliance, advisory or a hybrid of both. Until you know which you are going to choose, and then subsequently master that choice, you will end up overworked and stressed. And even worse, your clients won’t be getting the value.

Your marketing: Avoid playing at marketing or “trying” content marketing or SEO. You want a simple sales funnel. One traffic source that you can scale up, and a conversion tool you can rely on.

Once you have got these things in place your business will be fun again. And your life will be more rewarding.

Simplify your accounting firm, so you can multiply it.

That way you will be more visible, vital and valued.

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