Do you want to transform your business? By implementing these eight simple tips, you can get new clients every week.

If I told you that you could get one to two new clients per month, what would that do for your business? 

I believe that getting more clients not only changes our business, but it can also change our life. In fact, it even can take us to an entirely new level.

Think about it. Visualise the impact that this would have on your business and life in general.

Getting two clients every month could be a game-changer if you have a new firm. But not if you have an established firm. If so, what if I told you then that you could get two new clients each week? Would that change something?

I believe it’d give you all kinds of freedom.

There’s financial freedom, and then there’s mind freedom from not having to worry about money. Also, there’s health freedom because of less stress and time freedom since there’s no need for you to keep hustling anymore.

Most people think a consistent increase in the number of clients is too hard to achieve. And you know what happens? They don’t try to increase the number of sales calls, and that’s why they don’t get results.

The number one reason for not trying is that they’re not clear on what it would mean to them. They heard that it’s important to get more clients, but they don’t have any idea about how that would actually change their life.

In reality, the first step is to get super-clear on what it’d do for you. Understand your “why” and everything will be easier.

Having said that, I’m going to show you eight ways to get more sales calls. Remember that more of these equal mind freedom, time freedom, stress freedom, and money freedom.

How to Get More Sales Calls

Here are eight proven ways of getting more sales calls.

Ask Your Team

It’s rare to see a company where all staff members actively work on going out and getting new clients. But if you could get all your team members to do that, it could be a real game-changer for your business.

You should talk to them and find a way to motivate them to promote your business even outside working hours. For a start, ask them if they could schedule one new sales conversation for the weekend.

You’ll only overwhelm them if you ask them to bring a new client right away. Start small and just ask them to spread the word and schedule a few calls.

Over the weekend, your team members meet a lot of people. For starters, they go to the hairdresser, dentist, and hang out with their friends and people who own businesses. They only have to mention that they work at an accounting firm and check whether anyone could use your help.

Can you imagine what would happen if all of your staff were to do this regularly? So, motivate them and help them get into that mindset.

Ask Your Clients

The second way would be to ask your clients. Chances are, they know someone who could use your services. It could be anyone – their friend, their relative, or a fellow business owner. 

Everyone needs an accountant. But people often forget to mention these things, which is why you have to ask them. Because if you don’t ask, you won’t get.

If you don’t have a referral system, you’ve got to set one up. You should make it very easy for your clients to refer you no matter the size of your accounting firm.

Build Partnerships

Building a VITAL accounting firm is all about relationship building and partnerships.

What you have to do is find someone who also serves your ideal clients. The idea is to find a company that has the same ideal clients as you but which doesn’t offer the same services. You’d then partner with them and get referrals from them.

For example, I have a partnership with people who work with accountants like me. My partners include professionals like free agents and account techs with whom I’ve built great relationships with.

Whenever their client asks if they know someone who can help with marketing, they immediately think of me and give them my number.

Ask Your Network

Your most precious asset is your network – the people you know, your friends, relatives, and so on.

So, the next time you talk to someone and they ask you, “How are you doing?” make sure to not just talk about the personal stuff. 

Make sure to mention your business.

You can say something like: “Oh, we’re doing this new thing in our accountancy firm. Do you know someone who could use our help?”

The answers will surprise you!

People forget things quickly. If you want them to help you get clients, you have to always remind them about what you do. You should talk about your business whenever you have a chance.

The more you talk about what you do and who you help, the more people will be talking about you and refer you.

Put a CTA on Your Website

If you want people to reach out to you, it’s no longer enough to have a contact page. That doesn’t work anymore!

Instead, you should have a call to action that explains what you can do for them. That will increase the chances of people actually contacting you since they understand what they can get from you.

So, if you want them to book a call, it’s not enough to have a generic call to action that says, “Click here if you want to book a call with me.”

Explain what you can do for them during that call. They need to understand that the call could lead to the transformation they’re after. Explain that the call will take them from where they are now to where they want to be.

Put a CTA at the Bottom of Your Blogs

It’s not enough to have one CTA on your website. The best practice is to put a CTA at the bottom of every blog post.

If someone reads your article and likes what they read, they may or may not open your contact page. Most people are lazy and distractions are everywhere. But if you put a call to action on the bottom of the article they’ve just read, they’ll be much more likely to do what you want them to do.

Also, remember that those reading your blog will be on different parts of the customer journey. Some of them may be ready to buy from you. Others not so much. Use multiple CTAs to address this. Invite people to download a free eBook or subscribe to your newsletter. Then, use your newsletter to provide value and useful tips related to accounting. 

If a subscriber actually needs an accountant, guess who are they going to call?

It’s going to be the one who shares all those resources in the newsletter.

Post Social Media Updates

Social media is much more powerful for getting new clients than you may think. And the bigger your audience, the more the opportunities.

This only means that you should engage with your audience. Post frequently and consistently and remember to always provide value.

On either LinkedIn or Facebook, you can reach out to your audience and say, “I’m looking for five businesses that are ready to make a change. If you would like to get some help, comment below or reach out and book a call.”

Chances are, someone will contact you.

Ask Your Audience About Their Challenges

You should use every opportunity to find out what’s bothering your prospects and how you can be of help.

Every time you speak with a business owner, for example, ask them. “What’s your biggest business challenge right now ?” Make them comfortable and get them talking. After you find out what’s bothering them, you can offer to help.

In every conversation, if someone’s struggling with something that you can help them with, let them know that you have the solution.

Don’t be afraid to promote your services, especially when you know that you can help solve their challenges. It’s a win-win for all.

Build a Habit

You can increase the number of sales calls and new clients quicker than you think. Do it well and you can transform your business within a month.

But first, you have to be clear about why you want more clients and how that would change your business. When you understand your “why”, you’ll have more motivation to do whatever it takes to get there.

The second step is changing your mindset and looking for opportunities to find new clients. You’d better believe that the opportunities are all around us. In fact, you could get new clients when you least expect it – while chatting at your hairdresser’s or something like that.

You never know who knows people who match the profile of your ideal clients. That’s why you have to talk about your business whenever you have a chance. Talk about it with your family, your friends, other business owners, even on social media. 

Make sure everyone knows what you’re doing and who you’re helping.

When you get into this mindset, you’ll see opportunities everywhere and your ideal clients will start coming to you. Remember that all it takes is one small action to get started and take your business to the next level.

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