…is a pretty interesting sales programme.

The way the programme is run is a delight for marketers.

This is what they do:

1. They get your INTEREST by offering you an opportunity to find your dream home in the sun

2. They DELVE DEEP into what your CURRENT life is like and WHY NOW is the right time to get a place in the sun.

3. Then they ask you what your FUTURE home looks like (size, location, budget etc. )

4. Throughout the programme, they keep confirming PRIORITIES for the place in the sun.

5. 3 OPTIONS are then presented, one below budget, one on budget, one over budget.

6. As they walk around the homes they REPEAT BACK to the buyers the parts of the homes that fit their criteria.

7. They ask what life would FEEL like in the sun.

8. They ask the buyers to IMAGINE their life in the sun.

9. They share a CASE STUDY of a family that has successfully made the move already.

10. Then, in a great BUYING ENVIRONMENT, they ask them to make a decision.

If you are wondering how you could sell more services, watch programmes like A Place In The Sun and see the emotions that buyers are taken through. The formula they use is the formula you should use when selling your services in your accounting firm.