I’m sure that you have been told to be clever with your email marketing subject lines.

Marketers tell you that you need to be intriguing, have funny subject lines and be clever.

Hubspot even has an article of funny subject lines begging to be opened:

  • Need a day at the beach?
  • Pairs nicely with spread sheets.
  • Don’t invite Steve to that meeting, he will dress as a ghost.
  • Swipe right on us.

But I see a problem. And that problem is that people don’t need more “funny, clever or intriguing”. In fact it has been proven within our business that the subject line which actually says what the email includes, is the email that gets opened and not deleted.

For example:

  • Details of the Event
  • Join Our Programme
  • Visit Us At Accountex 2018

All of these emails had great open rates and results. Moreover, we built trust because we were transparent.

So there is no need to be a clever dick, just be honest and tone down your marketing. You will be surprised at the results it gets you.