A few years ago I went to a Tony Robbins event. Whilst I am not his biggest fan I wondered what I could learn from him.

My biggest takeaway after spending 3 days with the man was that even if you think you know everything, pay attention. Because you don’t know everything. That’s a fact.

Let me give you an example… a few years ago I would go to marketing events and I would believe I already knew that everything they said. I wouldn’t take notes, I’d sit there and say ‘knew that already’ and often thought it was a waste of time.

But then I realised I was being ridiculous. Just because I knew something didn’t mean I knew everything. And I changed the way I went to events.

I sat at the front, I wrote down everything the speaker said. I went away and revisited my notes, wrote down the nuggets and took action. In fact I learnt so much more and it was because I got off my high horse.

So even if we (mistakenly) feel we don’t need to know any more, please believe me when I say you do need to know more. You can be an expert, but even experts don’t know everything. AND an true expert knows this, and keeps on learning.

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