Being busy makes you feel there is never enough time to change this busy life you have.

One of my clients has felt this pain for the last 6 months. 6 months ago we put a marketing plan together.

But he’s been too busy to implement it. Today his pain is worse than ever.

His vampire clients are sucking the life out of him. Today he wanted a magic pill to attract A-Grade clients fast and eliminate the vampire clients.

The magic pill I gave him 6 months ago would have worked by now, but he left it on the side and didn’t take his medicine. His pain has gotten worse. I gave him another magic pill today.

He knew the pill could also take six months to work but he chose to take it; annoyed he didn’t take the first one. He’s super savvy though. Many people don’t take the magic pill for years. And some never take it.

They keep on doing what they have always done. And keep on getting what they have always got. You will always be busy. But you don’t have to be in pain forever.