The chance of someone reaching out and requesting to work with your accounting firm after reading a blog is pretty slim.

You see, no amount of content read will guarantee lead generation. Which is why you have to make sure that your blogging does not go to waste. The way to ensure this happens is to direct your readers and tell them the action they need to take.

For example:

  • Download your free ebook
  • Book a discovery session
  • Visit another blog with more information
  • Call now
  • Sign up to our webinar
  • Join us at the next event

These “calls to action” at the bottom of your blog will ensure that your hard work does not go to waste.

Whilst not everyone will take action, a few will, and your blogging will become part of your lead generation.

I challenge you to go and look at your blogs and see if you have a strong call to action at the bottom of yours. Are they working as part of your lead generation plan?