Whilst this is a great quote, it doesn’t work for marketing. Content marketing (which many people say is the holy grail of marketing) is only one piece of the marketing engine that you need.

Yes, you need to build it, but then you need to engage people and connect with them. Once you have done this you need to convert interested parties into clients.

Building alone will not enable you to do this. Blogging and social media marketing is such a tiny piece of the puzzle. There are certain foundations you need in place and certain strategies you need to implement in the background for them to work.

So if you are thinking about investing in blogging or social media marketing make sure you have a strategy to leverage these two tactics. Most firms think if you build it they will come. Unfortunately, they won’t come, and if you succeed in getting a trickle of leads to begin with, you will be unlikely to achieve an ongoing predictable revenue stream.