Whilst it is important to be seen as someone who is a specialist, if you use industry jargon people will not understand you.

I teach my clients to write and speak so that a 7-year-old can understand them. You need to do this too. Whether you are describing your services, the apps you recommend or the value you provide, it has be easy to understand.

One thing I have always done is get my son to check my Powerpoint slides and my blogs. He has been checking them since he was 8 years old. The reason I have done this is to ensure that he understands what I have written. And all too often I would write something that he just didn’t understand (which meant my audience wouldn’t understand either!).

I would then change the language he didn’t understand. Changing this language meant that my marketing became super clear and concise.

Is your marketing easy for people to understand, do you write for a 7 year old, and scrap the jargon?

Tell people in plain and simple language how you help.