There is a common mistake that loses accounting practices a small fortune. That mistake is that they do not charge for the value that they provide.

Accounting practices are the linchpin to many businesses success.

>> The insights you can provide
>> The knowledge around the numbers that comes easily to you
>> The experience of working with hundreds of clients
>> The understanding of how profit and loss really works (accountants you would be shocked at the number of businesses that don’t know how to read a profit and loss statement)…

…are all ways in which you provide HUGE value.

But many of you are selling yourself as a commodity and forgetting about the value.

You are competing on price and that’s just a race to the bottom.

You are sending out mixed messages if you sell your services cheap. Make your services valuable and be seen as vital and then charge accordingly. If your prices match your expertise and your promise then clients will trust you.

If you price too low the A Grade Clients will question you and the value you will provide.