Content marketing is great for boosting your firm’s reputation. It positions you in the market place as an authority and can seal the deal when it comes to getting new clients. But do accountants need to do content marketing?

Until now, the accountancy industry has been shy to embrace marketing. Accountancy practices have traditionally been built on reputation and referrals.

For over 20 years forward thinking businesses have been embracing content marketing. It has only been in recent years that Accountants have been following suit. And to be honest, not many Accountants.

This is one of the reasons we started the Boost Profit Now business. Because we saw the need for the industry to change their traditional thinking.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is about pulling clients towards you.

Traditionally marketing was carried out by advertising in the yellow pages, local Parish magazine, and cold sales calls. This kind of marketing is referred to as PUSH Marketing.

PULL Marketing enables your practice to attract clients without having to force yourself on prospects. It also enables you to stop spending hours at BNI or other local networking meetings.

Do accountants need to do content marketing?

Progressive accountancy firms are adopting the tactic of content marketing to position themselves in the market place, and demonstrate that they are the go-to accountancy firm.

But of course the question that all accountants ask is – “What is the ROI and is it worth the time investment?”.

Acquisition Of New Business

According to the Content Marketing Association more than 50% of consumers say that useful content will make them more likely to transact with a business.

Back in 2011 Google did some research that confirmed that a prospect will want to consume an average of 7 hours worth of content from a business before deciding to buy from them.

The options for providing this content can vary, and the strategies you use to maximise your content marketing activities are essential. There are many options for content marketing – my key favourites are blogging, videos and webinars… all three of these options have different pros and cons, but if your accountancy firm combined each one of these to provide valuable information to a prospect, you would build authority fast. And, more importantly, see a return on your time and energy investment.

Which leads me on to the next reason to utilise content marketing.


Who do you go to for year-end returns or perfecting financial statements? An accountant of course. How do you choose an accountant? Either referral or location and price, yes?

Well that was how it used to be done. Nowadays with the ability to store everything in the cloud, and location independent businesses, our accountant doesn’t need to be in our local village.

In fact in the UK we do not have interstate laws like they do in the USA. There are no differentiating rules and regulations, which means that the ability for someone else to steal your clients is high.

So how do you make sure you are the one who gets the clients?

You differentiate yourself from others. By using a wide variety of content formats you can choose how you want to be positioned in the market place. You can do this by sharing your expertise, the language you use, the value you provide and the insights you share. According to the creative agency BriteSeed, the average business that blogs generates 126% more leads than a business that doesn’t.

How is that for a ROI?

Return On Investment

I spoke with a sole practitioner last week who said he was spending £1000 a month on Google AdWords. Now on a month by month bases this may not seem like a lot of money, but couple that with the amount of time you spend working on this campaign, or the extra money you have to invest to pay someone, this can easily equate to £15- £30,000 a year.

And with Google AdWords becoming increasingly more expensive and less effective for a small business this is often money down the drain.

As the saying goes, nothing in this world is for free. However apart from your knowledge (which you already have) and a little bit of time, creating and sharing content can be a highly cost-effective way to get your message out into the world.

If you want to boost profit in your accountancy business content marketing is important for you to implement, as the Return On Investment is greater than “paid for” advertising.

So does that answer the question, do accountants need to do content marketing?  As you can see, although content marketing may be a foreign entity to many accounting firms, it is one that should be embraced.

If you are using content marketing in your firm, or are thinking about how you may implement it, please make sure you are consistent in your message, and consistent in how often you provide content. Trust is built on dependability. And all businesses need to trust their accountant.

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