When we live inside a bubble we tend to be concerned about our own pleasure and comfort. Being in the bubble stops us from feeling uncomfortable. It’s why many resist exercise and opt for the Chinese takeaway on a Friday night instead.

But living inside the bubble keeps us from being who we could be. We procrastinate, stick with the status quo and keep ourselves from feeling unsure.

If living in our bubble limits our experiences, what would stepping outside the bubble achieve?

By stepping outside the bubble we can learn new things and help more people.

By stepping outside the bubble we can tap into a greater purpose when we feel we might be losing momentum.

By stepping outside the bubble we can be proud of what we do and achieve because we have stretched ourselves.

When you find yourself eating doughnuts, watching mindless TV or are procrastinating you are stuck in the bubble.

It is your choice as to whether you are going to stretch yourself and step outside the bubble. But if you choose to try new things, opportunities arise and life is more fulfilling.