My mums cousin’s husband (yes a distant relative) is an architect. At the lunch table the other day we were discussing how he often refuses to design the big ugly buildings that may maximize his revenue, but doesn’t sit with his architectural values. He knows that raising the standard is his job, not just raising his bank balance.

As a marketer I am the same. I won’t produce a marketing campaign with spammy sales messages filled with tricks and NLP, because I know that relationships and truth are the key to integrity and business success.

There are plenty of people who will pander to their clients wants and give them what they ask for… but ultimately it does not do their industry nor their reputation any good.

It is therefore your responsibility to push back and not sell them what they want (for example agree to fiddle the books for your clients, turn the other cheek or make a promise you cannot keep).

It is your responsibility to stick to your values and attract the right people into your world.

The first step in achieving this… know what you stand for. It’s where you should always start.