I see a lot of frustrated accountants. Maybe you are one of them.

You’re running your firm, doing the work, but clients aren’t doing their share.

They’re not keeping their end of the bargin – as a consequence you’re not getting the results they want or delivering great service.

Which means they get annoyed, maybe even hold you responsible.

And because we are all judged by our client’s results, you start to slip down the rankings of “worlds best accounting firms” and into the depth of despair.

Making clients listen and take action is one of the biggest frustrations an accountant faces.

Which is why some go for the easy option and switch to a low priced, low value model (commoditised work, charging pennies & working too many hours).

There’s nothing wrong with this but if you want to build a highly profitable accounting firm that GUARENTEES your clients a great result then you need to change your model and do it the third way.

The third way is designed to help clients win. It’s:

1) Teach them why they and your firm have to work as a team
2) Give them tools to make it easy for them
3) Give feedback & support

This way they get all the benefits of great results, and you provide great service and value.

I call this “done with you” accounting and it’s the sweet spot.