Successful brands use emotion in their copy and their advertising campaigns all the time.

It makes sales copy and marketing campaigns memorable – just think of the John Lewis ads at Christmas time.

The problem you have as a professional service provider is that everything seems so “matter of fact”. What you implement has been learnt through exams and test papers, through regular professional development and can sometimes seem dry.

So you have to inject emotion and make your client, not your expertise, the center of your marketing.

As an accountant… you help people achieve their business goals. You safeguard families futures through personal wealth building advice. You save thousands of pounds and stop companies going into liquidation. You are a mentor, a business coach, a confidant.

You can take someone from total despair to emotional and financial freedom…

So sell the emotion behind what you do. Steer clear of the technical mumbo-jumbo and tell stories around peoples pains…

Emotion sells, so tap into the emotion.