Is this you?

You have 400 clients, and they pay your firm on average £600 – £1200 a year.

If your clients paid you significantly more your firm could:

  • Give more of your time to each client
  • Provide them with a far better level of service
  • Get better results and be seen as more valued
  • Be referred more because of the results generated
  • Feel more fulfilled
  • Have more freedom

And before long you will have high-value clients recommending, referring and doing a lot of your marketing for your firm.

There is another added benefit to charging more for your services – you position yourself in a part of the market that is less competitive. The mass market is highly competitive, the middle market is competitive and the elite market is less than 5% of the market.

So what is the plan? Mass/middle market, or is it time to up your prices, and provide more value?