One of my favourite tales that Jim Rohn tells is the Parable of the Sower. Now I’m definitely not doing the original justice but, in essence, it tells the story of a farmer and how, for each new season, he would go about planting seeds.

But the first handful of seeds he planted were always immediately snatched by birds. At first he would run after these birds, leaving his fields behind and trying to get their attention.

But unlike the farmer, your goal is not to chase them – “if you’re off chasing the birds, you’ve left the field”.

Chasing these birds will take you off your game, which likely makes them happy, but makes you miserable. This parable is an analogy for the naysayers in your life.

Which means your goal is to keep on sowing, “you’ll eventually sow more than the birds can get”. And you will succeed, in spite of those pesky birds.