Google My Business gets you in front of your potential clients. You will stand out and be seen, whether people are looking for you on Google Search or Google Maps.

Google My Business will help you position your firm with location-specific information, and ensure that you attract potential local clients. If you do not “Google Your Business” those who are looking for a local accounting firm may just end up with your competitors as they were savvy enough to ensure they are found.

What Is Google My Business?

The importance of hyperlocal searching for accounting firms cannot be emphasised enough.

Let’s assume that a potential client has just been let down again by their cloud based accounting firm, and has decided that the solution is to find a firm that is local to them.

This potential client lives in Croydon, a place where there is a plethora of accountants to choose from.

They type into Google “Accountant in Croydon” and you can see in the image how firms are listed.

If you were an accountant in Croydon that had implemented Google My Business how quickly do you think this potential client would be able to find you and call you? PrettyQuickly eh, as you would show up just below the image of the map.

With nearly half a million results on Google for “Accountant in Croydon”, you would be able to ensure you were listed in the top 3 with location and reviews.

How To Get Local Clients Using The Free Google My Business Tool | Search Results Page | TwentyTwo Agency

What Are the Benefits Of Google My Business?

Well, other than the obvious one of potential clients will see you on the front page of Google, you will also get the other following benefits:

  • Google My Business is FREE. Seriously.
  • You can open your doors to people by taking them on a 360-degree virtual tour before they come and visit you. Add photos of your partners and team, and your premises interior and exterior.
  • The phone number and website address you list are clickable. It takes just one click to contact you.
  • It looks great on any device, on any screen.
  • With online reviews, you can interact with clients when they rate your business.
  • More space is dedicated to your business on the results page. A full profile will fill a considerable amount of space on the front page. The more you add to your listing the more space you will take up (and the less your competitors will take up).


What Is the Starting Point?

The starting point is to see how well you show up locally and if you have had Google My Business already set up for your firm.

Here at TwentyTwo Agency we have a tool to enable you to check your ability to show up locally so you maximise your opportunity to get clients.

It will identify where there are problems that need fixing and a full report will be emailed to you so that you can work on improving your rankings.

Click here for the free Local SEO Optimiser to see where your firm is currently, and how to improve your local search presence.

To download our ebook and get a list of 100 marketing ideas for your accounting practice click here for the 100 Ways To Market Your Accounting Firm 

What do we do at TwentyTwo? 

At TwentyTwo Agency we specialise in helping you create a strategy, attract ideal prospects, convert them into clients and get remembered and referred. Our specialities include content marketing, blog writing, email newsletter management and social media management. We are a content marketing and digital experience agency for accounting firms. We ensure you get remembered, recommended and referred. 

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