Some people just have this knack for turning whatever they touch into success.

They have an idea, they see a path to make money/impact and they make it work.

Some people wake up every morning and love what they do, they have turned their passion into a thriving business.

And some people run a business that they are passionate about but fail to make money, or an impact. Year after year they believe that this will be the year that things will come right, because if you love what you do it will work – right?

And here is the problem. Passion is NOT enough.

All this rubbish about running a business you are passionate about will not guarantee money or impact.

To do this you need clients. Which leaves the key to success being in one of two places.

1) Talent for leadership (leading someone else to make your money)


2) Sales (where you can smash client attraction and signing up clients)

Even if you are good at what you do you will not be guaranteed success. Success comes from sales. So next time you hear someone tout “follow your passion” and you feel compelled to start a business, check you either have great leadership skills or can market and sell like a boss!