Do you feel that maybe you’ve just lost your mojo a little bit and you don’t even know if you want to continue running your accounting firm? Hi, my name’s Amanda C. Watts and I’m a marketing trainer for accountants who run their own accounting firm. We help you be more visible, vital and valued. Today I want to talk to you about something that has nothing to do with marketing. What it is it’s all about losing your mojo. I had a coaching call this morning with one of my clients. It was a pretty cool coaching call actually. The reason why was because a couple of weeks ago he came to me and said, “I joined your program, the Pioneering Practice Program. I’m really looking forward to growing my firm. I’m really looking forward to hitting the goals that we’ve put together but I just don’t feel in the groove.”

He’s just not feeling it and not looking forward to necessarily having to take action to achieve the dreams that he wants. One of the reasons why is because he’s pretty comfortable where he is now. If you don’t have enough pain you’re not going to be taking action. We decided that we would have some coaching calls to help him find his mojo. One of the things that we did when we first started having these coaching calls last week, was we listed in a big long list all the different things to do with his life and marked them out of ten. For example we had in there, how happy are you with your family? How happy are you with your business? How happy are you with your goal setting, your happiness, your spirituality, your fitness, your health, all of these different things?

He marked them out of 10. Now, when it came to energy he was at a three and he didn’t feel very motivated. When it came to how motivated are you to achieve the goals 3 out of 10 really isn’t very high. We looked for what we could do to get that motivation back. He was living a pretty comfy life. He would get up when wanted to. He would get into work about half eight. He used to get into work earlier but didn’t really see the need to anymore. He was working with his team but wasn’t completely engaged because they’re all doing quite well and he’s now got them nicely trained. He just had no real connection with anything that he was doing. We came up with the idea that he needed structure in his day.

Most people think that freedom comes from having no structure. Actually it’s completely the opposite. When you have structure you get energy back into your life and you get your mojo. We looked at having a routine for the start of his day and a routine for the end of his day. These routines, they weren’t three hours long where he had to do half an hour of yoga and then half an hour of weights and read a book for an hour. It wasn’t a big long convoluted system that we put together for him, structure. What it was was about a half an hour of getting up at the same time every day. Taking the dog for a walk. Listening to a video for ten minute. Making sure he was in work for quarter to eight before the rest of his team was so that he could get on with actually getting some things completed. This structure in the morning.

Then a structure where he would look at his end of day and put together a to do list for the following day, not on the day he was going to do it but for the following day. It enabled him to feel that he had more control and also gave him his excitement back. When we had our call this morning, a week later, from going from no structure to structure in his morning and his evening he came out at a seven. He’d gone from a three out of a ten to a seven out of ten in one week. That’s seven days of taking action.

If you’re feeling like you’re losing your mojo, if you feel that you really don’t know if you want to carry on working in your accounting firm, let’s get some structure back into your life. Let’s get you into a rhythm where you’re doing things every single day so you get that spark back. You feel the motivation to start achieving your dreams and goals that maybe you just haven’t really felt like doing to date.

Please do reach out if you would like to work with me on this or if you would like to explore some more things around the mindset of growing your accounting firm.

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