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Simon Sinek tells us to ‘know your why’. Knowing your ‘why’ is meant to motivate us to achieve greatness.

But one day I realised it wasn’t enough. One day I woke up stressed and ready to jack in my entire business. I decided it was time to get a job.

For a while I stopped caring about making a difference to the world. It seemed like too much work.

But then when I started job hunting I realised I would have to work 8 hours a day and not be around for my children. I realised my ‘why’ wasn’t just about making a difference to the world, but also making a difference to my small family.

In fact that was when I realised business owners need 2 ‘why’s. Just in case one day one of them isn’t enough to motivate you to get out of bed.

You need a Global ‘why’ which is all about the big impact you want to make on the world or an industry.

And then you need a personal ‘why’. The ‘why’ that keeps you going when the Global ‘why’ just isn’t doing it for you.

And this is why having a ‘why’ is not the key to success. Because one day it will not be enough.