In the fast changing world of the accounting profession, hoping that clients will value your services and pay you handsomely for your expertise will not be enough.

It is not that the world is now cynical, it has in fact fundamentally changed.

Just like your profession is changing with introduction of the Cloud and technology… mine dramatically changed with the invention of the internet. Marketing 1.0 is a bygone era (yellow pages/relying on referrals) and Marketing 2.0 brings clients, value and relationships at the centre of all marketing activity. In fact, products and services are often not even included or spoken about in marketing activity. Marketing is now educational and value driven around the pains and frustration of your prospects and clients.

This is why article writing, updates on LinkedIn, speaking and video are so powerful when done well. They educate and provide value. The buyer is in control of what they read, not you.

So next time you go to write an update or blog, ask yourself…

Is it helpful
Is it valuable
Is it needed
Can it be found elsewhere?

If it can’t be found elsewhere (i.e. HMRC website) and you answer yes to the others then share it. But only if you said yes to helpful, valuable and needed.