I’m currently sat on a plane for a 4 Day break in Ibiza. I’ve just finished reading an article in the free Times newspaper.

One headline caught my eye: Red meat and cheese back on the menu in healthy diet for heart.

The article was about how sugar and carbs are likely to reduce your lifespan and, if you want to be healthy, up your meat and cheese intake!

Diets have changed over the years: Atkins, Paleo, Low Fat, Weight Watchers, Keto the list is endless… and you will always find proof that one way is better than the other, Google is filled with articles and examples for all diets.

And this is the same with marketing and sales. You only need to Google which marketing is best and you will find an article that will endorse your thoughts and opinions.

If you want to find information on why referral marketing is the best way to get clients you can find it. If you want to find information on why you need to be on every social media platform you can find it. If you want to find a case for PPC over Facebook advertising you will find it. And vice versa.

But in both the ‘diet’ example and ‘marketing’ example one thing does ring true.


If you choose one path for success and focus on making it work and measuring results, the chosen path will eventually work. If you like weight watchers and you commit to the plan – it will work. If you like Keto and commit to the plan, it will work. There is no magic pill.

And the same goes for marketing. If you like referral marketing and want to make it work for you, then commit to a strong referral marketing strategy.

If you like sitting on social media then commit to a social media strategy.

If you want to plough thousands into PPC then commit to a PPC strategy.

What won’t work is dabbling in different marketing ideas. A few blogs, hanging out on Linkedin and watching other people’s updates, a £500 investment in PPC will not enable you to have predictable lead generation.

One more thing, diets work best when they are coupled with exercise. Marketing works best when you have an engage, attract and conversion strategy.