One tiny bite at a time…

This is a subject that comes up often: “Amanda – I love what you teach but the problem is implementing it all”.

I totally get that, I am one for sharing an elephant of information rather than a thimbleful.

That’s because a thimble of info won’t give you the avalanche of sales you may be wanting in your practice.

But hey, there is a solution. You just need to implement your marketing strategy the same way you would eat an elephant.

Cut it up into teenie tiny chunks and eat it one bite at a time. Which means, have the big strategy, see that there is much that needs doing and then split it into a 3-year big goal, a 12-month reachable goal and then 4 x 3-month plans.

In the 3-month plans map out what you need to achieve and then have a weekly action plan to complete your 3-month plan.

It sounds simple, and it is – but that doesn’t mean it is easy – rarely anything worth having in life is!

If you want an elephant of a business, you gotta break it down into tiny chunks.

And chew it



at a time…