You don’t need a million-dollar marketing budget to reach people. Discover how to make lacklustre posts become VITAL using simple tips to entice your audience.

At one point in time, Red Bull marketing was everywhere.

You couldn’t turn on the television or pass by a billboard without seeing the promise that Red Bull would give you wings.

So, how does this multi-million-dollar energy drink company top that type of marketing?

They take it to social media.

Red Bull had a couple of goals in mind when they took their marketing campaign to Instagram. They wanted to create extended brand awareness. And they also wanted to increase sales of their Summer Edition energy drink in Australia.

With this in mind, Red Bull decided that simplicity was best to reach their goals. That’s why they focused on certain initiatives to build the brand.

First, they launched a campaign with a promotional teaser right before summer started.

Red Bull wanted its audience to note the updated appearance of their cans. To drive this point home, they included summery images and videos with yellow filters that mirrored the sunny brilliance of the new cans.

The company also got over the energy drink taste hurdle with the public by using creative hashtags with the campaign. These hashtags created the idea of customers drinking this tropical-flavoured drink in the hot summer months.

Red Bull’s campaign was a resounding success with a 10-point increase in awareness among customers. And they managed to reach 1.2 million consumers with their summer-themed campaign.

If you want to take a page out of Red Bull’s playbook, keep reading to find out how to maximise your social media campaigns.

The Tips

Posting links isn’t enough if you want to attract people to your posts. And they’re even less likely to click if that’s all you have featured.

 Incorporate these tips if you want to elevate your posts to VITAL status:

Tip #1 – It Ain’t What You Do (It’s the Way That You Do It)

We aren’t saying that posting links to your newest blog article is a bad thing.

You have a phenomenal article, right?

Of course, you want to share it with the world.

But simply posting a link with a short description of it isn’t going to grab your audience’s attention. 

The power of social media isn’t the quality of your content. Rather, it’s how you display that content to get people to look at it.

When writing an intro in your post or an update in your timeline, try looking at pain points. Highlight a problem by starting with a question. Then, offer them solution by asking them to click the link to read your article.

Not only does it capture the attention of your ideal audience, but it also offers value in a way that gets them coming back for more.

Tip #2 – Speak Your Customers’ Language

You may have a standard of communication for your business, but your language may not be the same as the people reading your posts.

Now’s the time to do diligent research and find out how your customers communicate their needs and challenges. Because when you use the same language as your ideal customer base, it’ll help illustrate that you understand them.

For example, new moms may have a different way of communicating than senior-level executives. The two groups have different points of view, challenges, and priorities in their lives. So, you need to speak in a way that resonates with their different groups.

Tip #3 – Find Your Own Voice

You also need to find your voice even when writing for your audience.

But what we mean by writing in your “own voice” is to write in your brand’s voice. All the emotion and personality that you inject into your campaigns and social media should reflect in your writing.

While you do need to find your company’s personality, you also need to make sure that it’s consistent throughout your communication. It needs to sound as if the same person who engages on social media also writes the articles even if different people write the content.

This consistency can help connect with your audience on an emotional level. They see you with them during their journey and they start building trust in your brand.

Having a distinctive brand voice also helps identify your posts as genuine when interacting with others on social media.

Tip #4 – Encourage Conversations

Did you know that you can invite conversation and engagement simply by issuing an invitation in your posts?

Ask the community a question and have them post comments. Or, simply give a clear and friendly “Talk to us” invitation at the end of your posts.

Simple invitations can pave the way for two-way communication on your social media platforms. It also helps you begin to solidify relationships online.

Invite people to comment on virtually anything relevant to your post. Ask for opinions, ideas, or advice. Then, watch the comments come rolling in.

Remember that engagement makes companies seem more personable. And customers are more likely to do business with brands that they feel they have a relationship with, rather than an anonymous one from an ad.

Tip #5 – Call Your Followers Into Action

Social media is a great way to pass the time. But generally, social media users have a very low attention span.

If you want them to do something more than give your posts a cursory read, you’ll have to tell them with a call to action.

One great way to engage your followers is to offer them something that they would want. Give them a short preview if possible and include it within the context of your post.

Calls to action can take the form of different things, like directing them to a website or asking them to subscribe to your email list. Just remember that any CTA buttons you include must be prominent and on clear display.

Without a clear CTA, most followers won’t do anything after reading your posts, even if they liked what they read.

Tip #6 – Use Industry-Specific Hashtags and Language

One of the ways that Red Bull got over the hurdle of energy drink taste trepidation is with the creative use of hashtags. They used hashtags like #redbullsummeredition and #thissummer. And these tags helped establish their new drink as the flavour of summer.

Did you know their hashtags also served another purpose?

Not only did it further their goal of brand awareness, but it also helped create brand association with their upcoming season.

Of course, your industry-specific hashtags may be a bit different. But they don’t have to be any less powerful.

The key is to do your research.

Find out what your ideal audience wants to see and pair that with your brand’s voice. If you’re at a complete loss, check what’s trending for social media hashtags and re-work them for your needs.

Tip #7 – Leverage Images to Catch the Eye

Great visuals tell a complete story before the audience gets to the text part of a post. And the right visual can entice someone who would’ve otherwise passed your post by.

Remember how Red Bull leveraged yellow-filtered imagery in their marketing campaign?

They primed their audience with a unique colour and theme.

Images can tell a story quickly and clearly. And audiences find visuals posts more engaging than reading a wall of text alone. But you do need to balance the right images with the right text.

Infographic imagery may be one of the most popular uses of visuals. But it isn’t your only option.

You’ll know it’s the right visual to use when the image conveys what you want to say without reading the text.

Most people like seeing a combination of visuals and content, so you’re more likely to get followers to read your posts if you have both.

Strategic Attraction with Simple Tips

Attracting more people to your posts isn’t rocket science. But it does take some strategy and planning to apply these tips to each post.

Remember, it’s not what you do but how you do it.

You can have the most valuable content in the world, but no one will read it if you just post links to your channels. Engagement is the name of the game when it comes to enticing more people your way.

Make your posts stand out with great visuals and interesting taglines. Incorporate industry-specific taglines to go along with your visuals to make a lasting impact.

And don’t forget to ask your followers to act, whether you want them to visit a landing page or subscribe to you.

Becoming VITAL means that you’re one of a kind, not one in a million. Show that to your audience through your brand’s personality and they’ll gravitate to your posts.

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