How many times do you say that your accounting firm doesn’t need marketing because you’ve built your practice on referrals and word of mouth?

But you know what – most accounting firms don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to referrals. There is no consistent referral marketing strategy in place.

Here is one of many referral strategies I teach:When you take on a new client, before you even agree to work with them say to them “If you feel we have delivered and given you the service you expect and the results you wanted, you have to agree to give us 3 referrals – the referrals have to be just like you, same mindset and attitude. Agree?

And if they agree they can become clients. A few months later you remind them of the conversation and ask for the three referrals.

This is one simple way to increase your turnover exponentially and it can happen in a few months.

If you would like to explore new ways you can generate clients then join me at the Client Attraction Intensive – if you’re not an accountant, feel free to refer me your accountant and I’ll send them details if we are a good fit. You can see our event details here.