What I am about to share with you might completely turn your accounting firm around.

Until today you have been relying on referrals from your clients through a “hope” strategy. Hoping they will refer you, or asking them to refer you and hoping that they do you that favour.

Whilst this will get you a few referrals there is a way to get more, and better ones.

Firstly, rather than asking for a favour from your clients, why not do them a favour. Create something so valuable that they want to share it with their peers and associates.

Secondly, rather than getting them to spend time sending out your gift, take the pressure off and send it on their behalf with a note explaining it came from your client as a gift. All they have to do is give you the names and addresses.

When their friends send them messages saying thank you, they will open up their network to you even more. They will actively look for people, and they will become evangelists.

The thing of value can be a book, a dinner, an event, a free ticket to a conference. It’s a great idea and one I have seen work many times. Play with this idea and see how you can make it work for your accounting firm.