Are you afraid your branding doesn’t convey your mission statement? Do you get your audience members confused about what you’re trying to say? Try these six tips that can revitalise your branding.

Dropbox is one of those companies with super-consistent branding. The file-sharing platform uses the same personalisation-centred approach across all channels. And you’ll always find the same signature logo of the open blue box.

The company also maintains its hand-drawn style consistently. This may not seem like a big factor to your right now. Yet, it’s one of the reasons why Dropbox has such a high client retention rate.

Consistency is a key factor in all aspects of your business. It goes beyond branding. Because when you’re consistent, you can build trust with your audience.

So, it’s critical that you show up when you promise to do so. You must deliver results consistently and rise to your clients’ expectations. It tells people that they can trust you.

You can do the same thing with your brand. Build trust and have that personal brand consistency that engages your audience. Clients and prospects want to know that what they read comes from you.

They need to believe that they’re digesting your content and assimilating your knowledge. By developing branding consistency, you can do all of these things. 

Here are some tips that should help move things along.

Tip #1 – Create an Amazing Logo (And Leverage It on All Content)

Why do you need a logo? It’s because it’s the first thing people see and associate with your brand. This fact remains consistent across B2C and B2B channels.

However, your logo doesn’t necessarily define your brand. What it offers is a visual element that people associate with your mission statement. It’s easier to splash your logo everywhere than to put up your message.

You can also think of your logo as your signature. So, use it with your content all the time to reassure people that they’re getting their content from you. Use it in your marketing materials and on social media.

So, you now know that using a logo is essential. But how do you go about creating one? What are the goals of creating a fantastic brand logo?

You must find a way to translate your brand, your goals and mission statement into a visual element. Your logo should be easily recognisable and unique. After all, it’s the first thing that sets you apart from your competitors when audience members find you.

But don’t go over the top either. You don’t need complex designs that make people scratch their heads. Find something simple that conveys your message. Something that everyone can remember and then recognise days, weeks, or months later.

Tip #2 – Understand Your Mission

When you create a logo or brand message, always tie it to your core values. You want to send the right message to your audience. Remember, they need to understand what you do and what they can expect of you further down the line.

Think about your core company values and about what you want to achieve. Also, think about what you can do for future clients. Take those values and goals and relay that message with your branding.

It’s not uncommon to sometimes do a complete logo makeover. Just don’t do it more than once.

Some accounting firms may only need a few tweaks to their current visual branding elements. Others may require a complete overhaul. The point is that if you do it, you only do it once.

You don’t want to project uncertainty to your audience members. Conduct an audit of your core values and mission statement. Understand what it is that you want to convey through your branding so that when you change something, it’s as clear as day.

Tip #3 – Build Your Brand Into Your Culture

What does it mean to make your brand a part of your culture? 

It means that your work culture or company culture should mirror your brand. And it should mirror the VITAL image and positioning you want to create for your firm.

Keep in mind that your team needs to believe in your brand just as much as your audience members. Because when your team believes in your message, they can come up with creative ways to deliver it.

Not only that, but it also ensures that everyone’s on the same page.

So, make sure that you stress the importance of brand consistency and identity. Talk to your team regularly to create the culture that your firm needs to succeed.

Also, make it a point for everyone to have access to the branding style guide. 

What’s that you ask?

Let’s explain the concept right now, as it’s a crucial one.

Tip #4 – Create a Branding Style Guide

How do you truly achieve branding consistency? 

One of the critical factors is working off a well-defined style guide.

You and your team may have to work on various new materials and visual elements for your company. And whenever you do this, it’s in your best interest to always refer to your brand.

Consider the following scenario: 

You have multiple teams working on different marketing campaigns. But the chances of them coming up with things that don’t work together are very high.

You see, collaboration isn’t enough. Everyone must work off the same blueprint to develop and maintain branding consistency. And everyone needs to stay within the same parameters when creating new materials.

You must create your own company’s branding style guide to avoid wasting time on tweaks. Come up with colour schemes and typography. Discuss and agree upon acceptable graphics.

Define your ideal logo usage and how to leverage your firm’s name.

All of these things help you keep your branding consistent across all channels. And it will help your audience members recognise you.

Tip #5 – Set Up an Approval Process

One mistake that many newly established accounting firms make is to sign off on everything quickly. Unfortunately, this also carries on to the branding choices.

Remember that a brand can help make or break a business. It’s a potent tool in client acquisition and establishing trust. And it can help you position your firm as VITAL on the market.

That’s why every branding choice matters. 

You can’t sign off on everything without doing your due diligence. The more your team grows, the more complicated the approval process.

However, you do need a clear approval process to make sure you make the right call. And the advantage of having this process in place is that it makes everyone’s job a bit easier.

It’s because you set specific standards. If the presented choices don’t meet those standards, you move past them. You don’t waste any more time on things that can’t help your firm’s branding.

If you have a creative director or a marketing director, get them involved. They play vital roles in building your brand. And you don’t have to involve yourself personally.

And if you have other team members, start delegating tasks. Create a branding committee, set rules and standards in place, and encourage collaboration.

Remember, the approval process can do two things very well. It can help ensure that your branding remains consistent and in line with your mission statement. And it can also save time for you, and people working for you.

Tip #6 – Remember That Authenticity Is Always Key in Branding

Consistency is critical in any marketing effort. But so is authenticity. That’s why you want to create a unique brand that your audience members can relate to. And you want something that separates you from other accounting firms.

Most prospects and clients can spot lies a mile away. So can your team members. And authenticity in branding allows you to keep things consistent with in-house and external messages.

Why is this important?

It’s actually critical because your team needs to trust your branding as much as your audience members. So, try to keep the same communication tone internally and externally. It should help your team deliver precisely what you want to your audience members.

Branding Consistency Sets the Tone

Your branding sets the tone before your clients get to experience and benefit from your services. Before they can dig deep into your content and discover your value, they first come across your branding.

Your branding is the first image they see of your firm, what you stand for, and what you can do. So during their journey with you, you must keep that message consistent. It doesn’t just build trust or help you maintain visibility.

It’s also a great tool you can use to reinforce your message across all channels. It can help you reassure audience members and clients of your authenticity and credibility. Use it wisely and watch your firm get that much closer to that VITAL status and freedom business you truly desire.

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