Yesterday I had a conversation with a trainer after following them on LinkedIn and in their Facebook group.

The call went well, but I made the decision that the time wasn’t right. I was a “no” at the moment, and, after the call he would have needed to decide whether he thought I was a “no” forever, or just a “not now”.

However, he made a fatal mistake that meant I was a “no” forever.

He killed the relationship with one short message.

After our call, I asked to connect with him on LinkedIn.

I didn’t put a note to connect, I just pressed the connect button. Silly me I was assuming that he would remember our call a few minutes earlier. The message I got back gutted me.

It was a sales message; a generic cut and paste introducing what he did and selling his training. He had outsourced his LinkedIn marketing and in the process, he had outsourced the most valuable kind of marketing around. Relationship Marketing.

I immediately went from trusting him, to apathy. I went from being a decent prospect to deciding that he didn’t care enough. So when you feel like outsourcing your marketing remember you are outsourcing your relationship building too.

Which will be killing your opportunities and minimising your impact.