Every person has some sort of buyer’s resistance. Whether you are giving a sales presentation in person or on paper, you need to keep in mind the most common blockages that your prospect will experience when buying from you.

The blockages may manifest in a number of different spoken and unspoken comments such as:

  • You don’t understand my problem
  • How do I know you are qualified?
  • I don’t believe you I
  • don’t need it right now
  • I can’t afford it

To overcome this resistance here is a 12-step copywriting process designed to methodically and carefully overcome any objections:

  1. Get attention
  2. Identify the problem
  3. Provide the solution
  4. Present your credentials
  5. Show the benefits
  6. Give social proof
  7. Make your offer
  8. Inject scarcity
  9. Give a guarantee
  10. Call to action
  11. Give a warning
  12. Close with a reminder

Each of these 12 steps add to reader’s emotions while calming their fears. Using this framework will enable you to effectively communicate your value, and support the reader on their buyer’s journey.