Showing up in search engines helps enormously in terms of attracting your ideal client, but how exactly do you do it? For many accountants and outsourced CFOs, Google feels like a total mystery. However, there are some straightforward ways to start showing up in Google searches so that you can increase visibility and become a niche celebrity.

Now, when I talk about becoming a niche celebrity I’m not talking about transforming yourself into a Kardashian and becoming world-famous. I’m talking about becoming well-known within a very specific niche so that when your prospects turn to Google for help, you show up as the obvious answer. It’s not about posting outrageous selfies on Instagram, it’s about using the right keywords and being active on social media in order to attract ideal clients who need exactly what you’re offering.

Your Current Reality

I’ll just come right out and say it: the majority of accountants, bookkeepers and outsourced CFOs are invisible. No-one is talking about you or clambering to create a joint venture partnership with you. You’re a marketing ghost.

Showing up in Google really helps to change this situation because it increases your visibility so that you can become known amongst your ideal audience, which means more leads and more partnership opportunities.

3 Key Problems

There are three reasons why accountants and outsourced CFOs tend to struggle with showing up in Google.

  1. You’re not clear on who your ideal client is or what they are searching for. c
  2. You know what your ideal client is looking for but you don’t show up in the right way for those search terms. This means that you’re attracting prospects who question you on price and vampire clients who want their pound of flesh.
  3. You’re not building authority. You’re showing up for the right audience but you fail to position yourself as an expert.

Solution #1 – Create a List of Keywords

The first step towards using Google to become a niche celebrity is getting clear on what your ideal client is looking for. What keywords are they using? How can you use that information to become more visible in the search engines, and ultimately more visible for your ideal clients?

Create a list of terms you want to be googleable for, such as:

  • Financial coach
  • Business consultant
  • Financial advisor
  • Business mentor
  • Specialist accountant
  • Financial director

You should factor your local area in niche into your keywords, too. For example, if you are based in Manchester and specialise in helping dentists then “financial coach for dentists in Manchester” would allow you to show up specifically for your ideal client and speak directly to that niche.

Solution #2 – Expand Your Social Media Presence

Many people don’t realise that social media helps to improve your Google rankings.

When you Google me, for example, my Facebook page is the top result. Many of my blog posts show up, as does my Twitter profile and several of my YouTube videos. Expanding your social media presence to encompass as many channels as possible increases your ability to show up in Google. You don’t have to post every day across all channels, but having a presence on as many platforms as possible will help you to show up when ideal clients come looking for you.

You should also make sure to include keywords on your profiles and individual posts to make sure that you show up in Google for the right search terms. You have to tell Google exactly who you are so that it can connect you to the right people.

Solution #3 – Build Authority

Being found isn’t enough. In order to become a niche celebrity and generate high quality leads for your accounting or outsourced CFO practice, you need to position yourself as an expert.

Find creators and business owners who serve your ideal audience but don’t directly compete with you and create content with them. For example, if you’re an accountant for restaurants, you could write a guest blog for a restaurant management blog or be interviewed for their YouTube channel. If you serve the construction industry, find an opportunity to get on a podcast that is marketed towards that niche.

Partnering with a respected and credible business not only increases your exposure but your authority, too. It encourages new leads to trust you and see you as an expert.


If you want to be a niche celebrity you need to show up on Google. You can do this by choosing the right keywords for your website and blog posts so that when people search for what they need, you’ll show up at the top of their results pages. Next, increase your social media presence by creating profiles across as many different platforms as possible and creating relevant content. Finally, find other businesses who serve customers similar to yours and partner with them. This will not only increase your visibility and authority, but help you create a more impactful practice by delivering value to your target audience.