There’s no denying that the pandemic has a whole lot, and the accounting and finance industry is certainly no exception.

Prior to the pandemic, accountants and bookkeepers had done things the same way for decades. Many firm owners were passive when it came to getting clients and growing their businesses but somehow, for many of them, it worked. Face-to-face networking was enough and digital marketing was a nice-to-have, rather than a must.

Now, however, the world looks decidedly different. For over a year, face-to-face networking simply wasn’t possible. The pandemic pulled the rug out from underneath many traditional accountants and they found themselves facing three key problems:

1) Their clients were suffering, and they had to work twice as hard in order to support them, thus limiting the time spent working on their own businesses.

2) Many long-time clients closed their doors for long periods of time, couldn’t afford to pay anymore or went out of business completely.

3) Clients were scared and felt out of control.

The pandemic was all about being there for clients and supporting them, but how can accountants, bookkeepers and outsourced CFOs regain control and focus on building a freedom practice as the world recovers?

If you know that you have taken your eye off the ball in terms of practice growth over the past 18 months, it’s time to implement a two-pronged attack that will put you back in control.

Step 1: Provide Value

The first step is providing huge value for your clients. Right now, your clients don’t just need to know their numbers. They need a confidant they can brainstorm and discuss their worries with. They need someone who will uplift and motivate them, and give them confidence to navigate this new and uncertain economic climate.

During the pandemic, you helped your clients secure bounce back loans and use the furlough scheme correctly. However, your support should extend far beyond compliance.

Your primary job is to deliver value by stepping into the role of that trusted person to whom your clients can turn for support and guidance.

Step 2: Marketing

In addition to delivering value to your existing clients, it’s vital that you communicate your value clearly to your prospects.

In order to do this, you need to be visible and show up online every day to remain front of mind. No-one can buy from you if they don’t know that you exist, so it’s imperative that you are relentless about showing up.

Your content should center around the ways in which you transform your clients’ businesses. This could include:

  • How-to blog posts
  • Social media updates with tips and tricks
  • Live videos addressing a key issue

Your content should show your clients what they need to do so that they’ll come to you for the “how.” It’s important to position yourself as an expert in your field so that you become the go-to provider within your niche.

Content marketing will also help you to hold onto your current clients. The future is uncertain and now more than ever, business owners want a forward-thinking accountant who will help them to remain agile. If you’re not showing up and demonstrating your value, your clients may worry and turn to your competitors instead.


The world may be suffering right now and hard times are coming, but there is no reason why you can’t thrive over the next 18-36 months. Now more than ever, business owners need support and guidance, and you have valuable expertise to share. It’s important to show up as the superhero that struggling business owners need so that you can attract high value clients that you can really help. This is about more than just making money; it’s about making an impact on the world.

Now more than ever, it’s important to show up as the guide that your clients and prospects need. They are in pain and you can help. Consistently delivering valuable content will remind your current clients why they work with you and show your prospects why they should work with you. This is the secret to regaining control of your practice and working towards time, financial and professional freedom.