Want to win over a prospect in seconds? Learn how an elevator pitch can do it and how to create one.

When Stuart first came to Oompf Global, his marketing lacked structure. He couldn’t get the most out of his marketing efforts as they were pretty directionless.

That’s why he decided to join our Momentum and Velocity Programmes. 

He wanted to learn the formula for making his marketing work. And this is exactly what Stuart got out of the programs, which he described as ‘absolutely fantastic’.

Stuart learned how to create an effective landing page, follow-up emails, and other essential aspects of effective campaigns. And so far, the results have been outstanding. He keeps seeing significant improvements and is now landing more (and better) clients with less effort.

Now, there are many ways to tweak your marketing strategy for similar results. But right now, we’d like to focus on a particular tactic that can do wonders – your elevator pitch.

If you have yet to put one together, this article will show you how to do it. Every word in your elevator pitch must be on the money and you’ll see how to make it happen here.

But before we dive into the steps, let’s see why every business owner needs a strong elevator pitch.

Step # 1. Introduce Yourself Before Pitching

Pretty much nobody responds positively to a pitch from a complete stranger. Because of this, always introduce yourself before talking about what you do.

There’s no reason to get into many details with your introduction. Simply say who you are and briefly touch on what you do.

It’s also a good idea to talk about your team. Doing so can show someone why you’re the right person for the job and how capable your team members are. This way you can develop more trust with the other person right away.

Step # 2. Define the Problem

Your business doesn’t sell products or services – it sells solutions. But you can’t do this if you don’t know what the problem is.

The most important thing in any form of marketing is to know your audience’s pain point. Otherwise, communicating your value will be extremely hard.

Once you know what problem you’re solving, find your unique selling proposition that your pitch will highlight.

As a VITAL accounting firm, you’re solving all sorts of problems, such as:

  • Taxes that are too dreadful and tedious for most people
  • Businesses that don’t have a firm grasp of their financials
  • Accounting errors that can be very costly

When you identify the key issue that your audience is facing, structure your pitch around it. The target of your pitch will see that you understand their problem, which will get them interested to hear more. And this is where you move onto the next step.

Step # 3. Focus on Your Solution

After stating the problem, you need to jump straight into the solution. Doing so immediately shows the main reason why someone should work with you.

Now, the key mistake that entrepreneurs make is talking too much. They explain their offer in way too many details, which makes them lose the other person’s attention.

Your goal should be to summarise your solution in no more than a few sentences. 

Imagine a few short bullet points that cover the essence of what you do. Remove all fluff from your pitch and stick to the core.

If you haven’t thought about your business’ biggest strengths, now’s the perfect time to do it. Make sure that those strengths are prominent in the pitch and you’ll pique the listener’s interest.

Step # 4. Aim for Memorability

Imagine you’re at a conference with many potential partners or clients. In this case, your elevator pitch would be only a drop in the sea. You need to make sure that someone remembers you after they leave.

Now, it doesn’t mean you have to spit out a bunch of fancy acronyms and keywords – anyone can do that. But, using these words won’t make your pitch more memorable.

What you should do instead is make your pitch relatable and personal. 

Highlight the main issues that you’ve discovered in your audience. When talking about the solution, showcase the exact results and how it improves someone’s life.

While stats and numbers can be useful, emotion always wins in any pitch. 

Evoke interest and excitement in your prospect, and you’ll leave a strong positive impression.

Step # 5. Describe What Separates You from Competitors

In tandem with the above, it’s not enough to just communicate the benefits of your offer. On top of that, you must also show how it compares to your competition.

For instance, don’t just say that your sales have been consistently increasing by 150%. Mention the fact that the industry average in the same timeframe is 80%, for example.

Of course, you should never inflate any numbers, as the other person can always verify them. And if they see that you were dishonest, they’ll want nothing to do with you.

So while you shouldn’t shy away from setting yourself above your competitors, always be honest with your performance.

You don’t necessarily have to compare your financial metrics with others. Instead, there might be other advantages you can highlight. 

Maybe you have a unique process or a software package that others aren’t using. Or, perhaps your efficiency is superior to the competition. 

Whatever it is, dedicate a part of your pitch to describing the competitors and the ways in which you’re better than them.

Sell Quickly and Effortlessly

How many times has someone asked you about your services? Do you actively seek out opportunities for this to happen?

If not, you definitely should. 

Get out there and try to be where your audience is. But first, make sure that you have a bulletproof elevator pitch. Creating one can bring many benefits and allow you to sell wherever you go.

Bear in mind that it might take some time before you hone the pitch to perfection. You’ll have to do some experimenting until you get it right. By following the steps above, you can develop a pitch that will instantly pique someone’s interest.

And finally, remember that the aim of the elevator pitch isn’t to close the deal on the spot. It’s all about continuing the conversation afterwards. 

So, don’t get too salesy from the get-go. Use your elevator pitch to start a conversation on the right foot and then ease the prospect into making the final buying decision.

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