All too often accounting practices send out newsletters that provide no value to their clients or database.

Here are 5 quick ideas to shake up your email marketing, and provide value to your readers:

1) Create a welcome email. Indoctrinate your new subscribers and tell them about you, your team and how your practice works. Start building a relationship by showing them inside your practice with pictures of the team.

2) Send a tools email. Let them know what tools are available to help them manage their accounts (and as a by-product this can help you in-house too).

3) Depending on your audience share a “business growth” tip that they can implement by themselves for a quick win.

4) Share a case study of how a client of yours has succeeded using a process you implement. Make sure when you do this you provide valuable information, not just shout about how wonderful you are.

5) Curate content instead of create content. Again, depending on your audience you could gather interesting content relevant for your specific audience and share it with them. Be aware, this does not mean latest budget information. It means info on how to grow your business, save tax hacks, and personal wealth growth.