Ever wondered about the importance of typography, or what it is?

Typography = the style and appearance of printed matter.

When we talk about typography, that is what we are talking about, the style and appearance of the text on your website.  Typography is really important because, on average, content is 95% of a website.

Website visitors come to a website to read and learn, not just to look. Consideration should, therefore, be given to the typography of your accounting firms website. This will ensure that it is a pleasant and easy experience for the reader.

Have you given it any thought before now?

Most likely not.

You used to be able to make your site stand out and be different by incorporating video, adding animations, using sliders and so on. However, these additions are now the rule, not the exception.

They are no longer differentiating factors.

It is, for this reason, a higher level of thought and sophistication is needed in order for your website to be remembered, recommended and referred. This is why we are discussing the importance of typography.

Below are some reasons why you must use typography to ensure your website does not look like every other accounting firms website.

It Determines The Character of Your Site

When you land on a website you can generally tell at in a single glance whether it is a fun light-hearted site, or if it is a more serious business minded site. A large part of that message is in the typography.

The look and feel of a site is determined by its use of space, shapes, and colours, and this is reinforced through the choice of font.  That single glance is enough to grab a visitor’s attention or turn them away.

It Represents Your Brand

Your brand is what people say about your firm when you aren’t in the room, and this can certainly be represented by your choice of typography.

A serious message is hard to communicate using CAPITALISED COMIC SANS.  While a brand that is trying to appeal to more creative or spiritual people would probably be off better avoiding Georgia as its primary font. And don’t get me started on symbols.
Amanda was here. | Symbols Font | The Importance Of Typography

By matching your message and typography you will create a seamless brand experience for your website visitors.

It Can Make Content Attractive

Don’t misunderstand this, it cannot make bad content good. If your content has no value, beautiful typography will still mean that it has no value.  Visitors may engage with it because of its aesthetic appeal, but they will quickly realise there is no substance behind it.

But well-executed typography can lift average content, and make good content great. It will increase the appeal to visitors and you will see an increase in engagement.

It Guides Visitors Through Your Content

Good web design is all about the use of space, shapes, and colours. The design guides visitors along a predetermined path (the customer journey). Typography enhances this experience.

Font, size, alignment, colour, weight, all of these aspects will draw a visitor through your content with maximum interest and engagement.

So now that you know why it is so important here are a few tips on how you can improve the typography on your site.

Use A Maximum Of 3 Fonts

Try to avoid using too many fonts so that there is consistency and flow to your design.  I know that using just one font can be boring, but changing the font every paragraph will reduce the impact of your content.

Find a nice balance. Or use variations of the same font. The design and the font should work together seamlessly.

Font Size

Don’t make your body text to small or too big. About 14-18 pt is perfect. Unlike magazine print where the size is 10-12 pt, you need to compensate for it being online. Many of the traditional accounting websites make the mistake of having the text size at 12 pt. This does not help your website visitor to consume your information.

Alignment Is Important

The way that you choose to align your text is very important. It helps the visitor to flow down the page. To be constantly changing alignment is jarring and confusing. Some alignments feel unnatural to read.  Think about the feeling you want your readers to have when they are on your website.

Have a thought about the length of your paragraphs. Whilst you are used to reading a book or a magazine with the sentences full page, on a website it is hard to read. Keep your typography short.


There is no denying that typography is a vitally important part of your website. It can help to shape visitor’s perception of your business and increase the level of engagement that they have with your web pages.  It can help your conversion rates to rise or fall and has a massive impact on the delivery of your content to readers.

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