I always remember my mother saying to me “Manda, less is more darling, remove some of that makeup/jewellery”.

It stuck with me my whole life and it helps me refrain from looking like an extra from an 80’s episode of Coronation Street.

My mothers saying rings true for how one should approach marketing too.

You see when it comes to marketing your accounting firm, you will find less is always more impactful and more scaleable.

By doing less, but doing it well, you will be far more effective than trying to do it all. If you try and do all the available marketing options (PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, Direct Mail, Telesales, Webinars, Events, Networking etc…) and try and cater for all people, you will just look a mess, and create a mess.

Which is why by doing less, you will achieve more.

Choose one target market. Be clear on how you will reach them. Focus on building a connection, and converting your ideal client. Nurture a list of 200 hot leads, rather than 2000 cold leads.

The more you understand less is more, the more you will be able to scale your client attraction process. Once an accounting firm understands less is more, the quicker the results start to come.