Those who read, can often not watch. Those who watch do not necessarily listen and those who listen do not necessary do. Or any combination of these.

There are four kinds of information you can create/consume.

  • Read (blogs, articles)
  • Watch (videos, webinars)
  • Listen (podcasts)
  • Do (scorecards, quizzes etc.)

The magic comes when you understand your audience enough to know which kind of information they enjoy and consume the most.

The problem becomes time-consuming when there is no clear front-runner, and a mixture of information assets are needed.

Your job as a professional service firm is to ensure that you make it easy for your audience to consume information and educate themselves.

The more you choose a single way of communication, the more you limit your opportunities.

What kind of information does your audience like to consume? If you don’t know the answer to this you really are limiting your opportunities.