If you are wondering about how effective content marketing is, and how long will it take for my content marketing to work, I am going to assume you have an idea about what it is.

If you are unclear and would like more information please hop on over to the article What Is This Craze Known As Content Marketing?

In all honesty, there is no one set true answer to “How Long Will It Take For My Content Marketing To Work”. I have been teaching businesses to embrace content marketing using the Relationships First, Sales Second™ method since 2009, and have seen people write a blog that drives hundreds of thousands of visitors to their website. Conversely, I have seen businesses write articles for their blog and it gets read a handful of times.

For example, I wrote a blog last week that, once written, started driving over 100 accounting firms a day to that one article.

This one blog got traction immediately and added new subscribers to my database in an instant.

Six Figure Publishing

If you have a look at the screengrab below, you will see the results one of my clients also got from writing one specific blog.

Google Analytics_How Long Will It Take For My Content Marketing To Work

This blog which was published in 2015 has driven over 322,472 visitors to our client’s website and accounts for 78% of the traffic.

And the reason for this? Because she wrote about something that her ideal client really wanted the answer to!

You can also see that there are many other blogs that she has written that have driven huge traffic numbers to the website. All because the blogs answer questions that are being searched for (Googled).

In a survey by eMarketer they found that content marketing has become the most popular form of marketing and has the highest ROI.

The survey showed that both business to business, and business to consumer companies, with 100-200 pages on their website will generate more than 2.5 times as many leads as those who have 50 pages or fewer.

For small businesses then, this is your target.

Businesses who blog more than 15 times a month will generate more than 5 times as much traffic to their website compared to firms who aren’t blogging.

This information makes answering the “How long will it take for my content marketing to work” question a mathematical one.

If you write 4-5 blogs a week then it will take approximately six to nine months to start seeing the rewards.

If you write 4-5 blogs a month it will take 18 months to 2 years to start seeing results.

It may feel like pushing water up a hill at first. You might possibly be writing and writing and not getting many comments or subscribers. But if you keep at it and are consistent then in six to nine months you will see that traffic is growing and leads are coming into your accounting firm.

But not all hope is lost.

Alexandra, who wrote the “5 Awesome benefits for sleeping on the floor” article saw an uplift immediately in her traffic and leads.

A few of the blogs I have written in the past few months have driven thousands of visitors to my website and generated many leads and opportunities.

Our new website didn’t go live until a few months ago, so we do not fit into the mathematical answer above.

Whilst content marketing can be a long game, you can also get the quick wins if it is done well.

How To Do Content Marketing Well

Here are some tips to help speed up your content marketing results, so you get quick wins and make long-term quantum leaps:

1) Understand who your target audience is and write just for them.

If you write content for a specific niche then it will be more relevant to your reader and therefore Google will be more likely to move it up the Google rankings.

2) Set up your Google Analytics so that you know what is working with your content marketing efforts.

You don’t want to be the accounting firm that says “50% of my marketing efforts are working, I just known know which 50%”.

3) Have a content marketing strategy.

Here at TwentyTwo Agency we help accounting firms put together a 3 month and 12-month plan which included Pillar articles and Cluster articles. Google loves it when your articles relate to each other. Google sees that your website is a hub of information on that subject so again it is more likely to show your articles.

4) Make sure your website is geared up to do something with the traffic that is generated.

All too often I see accounting firms write blogs, drive traffic and then have no way of capturing visitors email. Make sure you have “calls to action” and data capture on your website to maximise the ROI on your blogging and generate leads.

5) Promote your articles across social media, in your newsletter, and with your connections.

You cannot create a blog/article and expect it to be found. Share it with people so they can read it. Maximise the impact it has by making it visible.

6) Get your team involved.

Whilst it can be a good idea to outsource your content marketing and social media if you are short of time, it is also a good idea to get your team writing content to enhance the efforts. Your teams are the eyes and ears of the business. They know what questions people are asking your firm so they can write articles/blogs to answer these questions. If you have your team writing for your accounting firm you will see positive results far quicker than if you write one or two articles a month. As you know, it is a numbers game.

7) Be better than everyone else.

What is the point of creating more noise and adding to the already overcrowded internet? There is no point. So be better. Create better content than your competitors. Create content that provides huge value and answers your clients problems and questions.

8) Don’t give up.

Be persistent and don’t give up. After a while, you may start to question whether it is worth the effort. I can categorically say, it really is. Every business I have ever run has had content marketing as the core of its lead generation activities. I have used content marketing to grow multiple six-figure businesses, and I have taught content marketing to start-ups, 6, and 7 figure businesses and seen massive growth in their lead generation across the board. Just when you feel like giving up is when you are probably about to break on through to the other side.


Content marketing can give you some quick wins, but it is also a long game. If you are going to do it, do it well and don’t add to the noise.

Whilst we have answered “How long does it take for content marketing to work” in this article, I must stress that content marketing is not just there for lead generation.

If you read the article “Why referrals are killing your accounting firm” you will see that creating blogs/articles also enhances every other aspect of marketing activities from referrals through to telemarketing.

So why not give it a go? Raise your profile, build trust with your readers, and grow a solid foundation of your marketing activities that will only get better with time.

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