It is often said that doing anything for 21 days in a row forms a habit.

And creating a marketing habit is a great thing for a business to have.

One thing that has really enabled my two businesses to grow exponentially is a marketing habit. Every day, before I start “working” on my “work”, I create.

I flex my marketing muscles and make sure that I either write a valuable social media update, a blog, a newsletter, a meme, a product information page, an ebook… something that will move my business forward.

This marketing habit that I have formed over the past 8 years can be challenging. Some days I just don’t know what to write. Some days I don’t feel like writing. But I do it. No matter what.

Flexing your marketing muscles every day will enable you to build a marketing habit that will also keep you front of mind, seen as vital and valuable and enable you to reach more people.

No matter how much, or how little you accomplish as you form this habit, your priority is just to take action and start. Because 3 weeks of non-marketing activity becomes a non-marketing habit, and is a sure recipe for your practice failure.