Getting clients through your website is often a very real problem for accounting firms. Often websites are out of date, or have been designed from a template that was created by web designers, not savvy marketers who understand lead generation.

To attract ideal clients to your firm you need to position yourself with an engaging brand, wording and customer journey. The aim of your website should be to show you are an authority on your ideal clients pains, and give the website visitor a way to take the next step with you.

The problem is, accountants often overlook the critical client attractive strategies, and go with what they know best. The current typical standard industry website will give information on a firms location and that they can carry out a variety of accounting services including year-end accounts, audits, management accountants , oh and your monthly bookkeeping.

However, if you have a website for your accounting firm that is focused on helping your ideal client overcome their fears and frustrations, and in the process improve your relationship with the website visitor, then we start to see a website that works.

So if 99% of accountants are doing it wrong, what are the main ingredients needed in your accounting firms website to do it right?


1. Focus On Your Client

Your website needs to be focused on the client, not you, not your firm’s technical expertise. All to often we see accounting firms talk about themselves and how great they are/their expertise is. This is not a very client attractive way to converse. No one really cares about how long you have been in business, or that you are a highly passionate accountant. What they care about is the uplift in profit that you can make them. Or the time you will save them. What do you want in your business? You want more time and profit. Most of the time that’s what your ideal client will want to.


2. Niche

You need to have an niche speciality that you either are an expert in (and accounting is too broad) or service a particular business/person. For more information on the levels of niching please click here.


3. Client Magnet/Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a way for you to give huge value in return for a website visitors email address. The reason why these are so important is because you can continue to build a relationship with the website visitor through email. Asking people to sign up to your newsletter is not enough of a lead magnet.


4. Multiple Calls-To-Actions

“Sign up to my free lead magnet” is a call-to-action. So is “Click here to book a call” and so is “download our brochure”. All of these calls-to-action support a website visitor at a different stage in their buying journey with you.

If they want to see what you know about them and their pains and need some tips they will download your lead magnet. These people are in the early stage of their buying cycle.

If they want to find out about how much it might cost to work with you, or want more info on how you work, they will download a brochure. They are in the middle stage of the buying cycle.

If they are ready to buy and have downloaded the lead magnet, your brochure, checked out your blogs and testimonials, they will click to book a call. They are in the late stage of the buying cycle.

You need all of these Calls-To-Action on your website to maximise the number of client enquiries you receive.


5. Give Away Valuable Content

Do you want to be seen as different from other accountants? If so then you need to think differently. The content that you provide needs to address their pains, and not just be regurgitated from AccountingWeb or the budget announcement. Some information that you share from these platforms will be useful but 9 times out of 10 the information you provide will be quite boring and uninspiring to the reader.

An example of an accountant who is marketing his firm in a different way is Robert Frith. He has his accounting website Frith & Co and then he has a personal website which is dedicated to helping Entrepreneurs…

The articles he writes are all about being an Entrepreneur and running a business. Not a mention of accounting in any of them. Using this strategy, he is positioning himself as someone who is very knowledgeable about running a business, and this in turn attracts clients as they trust his advice on business growth and maximising profit.

By giving away valuable content he is building a relationship with a prospect before they have even enquired about working with him.

And it is those factors that make up a Client Attractive Website.

  1. Focus on the client
  2. Position yourself in a niche
  3. Have a way to capture email addresses
  4. Have multiple calls to action
  5. Share valuable content

Here is an example of what your website homepage page could look like. How does it compare to your current website. Is it time you invested in having a website that is built to get you clients.

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