I was talking with Chris a couple of weeks ago (one of my Pioneering Practice Programme clients) and he was telling me how he felt he had lost his mojo for running his accounting firm. 

He wasn’t really “feeling it” and found it difficult to get himself out of bed every morning. 

I totally sympathised with this, and I’m sure you can too, we’ve all been there. It is however, our choice as to whether we stay there. 

The situations we are in are not because of happenstance but because of the choices we have made to this point in time.  Because of this, we can choose to get out of the “funk” we have got ourselves in. 

Our minds will either breed negativity or positivity, and what we feed it will effect what we think. So I suggested to Chris that he listen to some Audio books. Not read, but listen. 

Listening to a passionate and powerful audiobook can do wonders for motivation, and reignite the spark in you. He emailed me yesterday, he’d finished listening to a Grant Cardone audio book  and he is back and on fire! 

Next time you are feeling down and losing your mojo, find an audiobook to motivate you. I’ve just downloaded one from Larry Wignet. Thanks to Paul Rosser for the suggestion.