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Momentum is a 12-month marketing and brand accelerator for business advisors and accountants who want to make a bigger impact on the world and catapult their income.

Who is it for?

Momentum is for sole practitioners and multi-partner firms that already have a small client base and want to ensure they only attract premium clients as they grow. It is also for firms with a large client base that includes legacy vampire clients that they want to exchange for premium clients.

What does Momentum help with?

The outcome is simple. In the programme we:

>> Create an advisory business that leverages your time, giving you a day extra a week and time to work on your business.

>> Attract a consistent and predictable pipeline of premium prospects and convert them into high value clients (minimum 3 new clients a month).

>> Leverage your advisory services so you dramatically increase your profits whilst significantly reducing your working hours.

We are going to solve the three biggest problems that stop advisors and accountants growing or scaling their practice:

  • Lack of being seen – marketing ghost
  • Lack of premium clients – business full of vampire clients
  • Overworked and underpaid – monster business

If you ever ask yourself the 6 questions below then chances are we can help you.

  1. How do I know who is an ideal client for me?
  2.  How can I stand out from the crowd?
  3. How can I be different from my competitors without lowering my price?
  4. How do I get in front of my ideal client?
  5. How do I get sales calls in the diary?
  6. How do I sell prospects high-value advisory services?

The programme focuses on 6 pillars that are installed into your business over 12 months to build your audience, attract premium prospects, and onboard high value clients.

In short you will have a bigger

>> And have FUN on the journey

We have called this program MOMENTUM, because that’s our focus. To build your business every day, constantly moving you forward and giving you the lifestyle you desire.

Most advisors and accountants are only a few clients away from another 10-15k a month, and that makes a real financial difference.

3 new advisory clients a month will dramatically increase your revenue, and your profits. Over three years the systems that we install in your practice could be adding a further 500k – 1 million in revenue. Watch the video below to see how we do this.

What clients are saying

“What Amanda does was use her extensive knowledge of our industry, professional expertise and this unbelievable energy to draw up a clear articulation of our scalable product offering, not list of services that we provide, but products that answer the needs of our clients through their growth journey.

We drew out what their growth journey looked like for clients and how we met the changing pain points throughout it. And then finally, we set up the language that we use to pitch it to prospects and clients alike… …And last month, we grew by 20%” – James Lizar, Thrive, London.

Thrive, London

How to get started

If you are an ambitious advisor or accounting firm owner within an established firm and already have at least a few clients then Momentum could be for you. If you’re interested in attracting premium clients, getting your time back, and increasing your own financial freedom then book a Momentum demo today.

Book your demo using the calendar below. Someone on our team will meet with you walk you through the Momentum program. If you have any questions email [email protected]