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Momentum is a mastermind of 50 accounting firms creating unique brand positioning, signature offers, and attracting premier clients and talent

Momentum is a 12 month mastermind that gives you the exact strategies and templates to create a VITAL brand with differentiated positioning, productised offer, happy clients, and have more freedom.

Who is it for?

Momentum is for you if you are an accounting firm owner or partner with an existing business, with clients and a team of 3+ people. If this is you, you are probably struggling with:

  • Hiring top-tier talent
  • Attracting premium clients that value your expertise
  • Differentiating your firm and standing out in a sea of sameness
  • Having an offer that is easy to understand and transforms your clients business and lives
  • Taking time off and being stuck in the weeds all the time

What clients are saying

“What Amanda does was use her extensive knowledge of our industry, professional expertise and this unbelievable energy to draw up a clear articulation of our scalable product offering, not list of services that we provide, but products that answer the needs of our clients through their growth journey.

We drew out what their growth journey looked like for clients and how we met the changing pain points throughout it. And then finally, we set up the language that we use to pitch it to prospects and clients alike… …And last month, we grew by 20%” – James Lizar, Thrive, London.

Thrive, London

How it works

Momentum gives you everything you need to achieve the transformation from boring commodity to “VITAL Asset”.

  • Strategy: strategy and training to create differentiated positioning, a standout brand, an automated marketing engine and a powerful sales machine.
  • Tools: Get the tools required to test, maintain and optimise all of the above
  • Community: hang out with 50 other accounting firm owners all focused on up-leveling the profession
  • Coaching: 2 x weekly Q&A calls on zoom where you can ask Amanda questions live
  • Accountability: Regular check-ins to hold you accountable
  • Software: Uplevel™ marketing software with pre-built landing pages, email sequences and pipelines to save you time and money
  • Support: Get support everyday via the community and from the team

How to get started

If you are an accounting firm owner or Partner with at least a turnover of £150k and you’re interested in attracting premium clients, top-tier talent and increasing your own happiness –

Schedule a call using the calendar below and somebody on our team will meet with you and see if Momentum is a good fit. If you have any questions email [email protected]